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We would love to have someone like that for 3 years. I would then try to pitch them on how we might help them to accomplish that.


I ask this question to better understand whether we can provide an environment that will be right for the candidate in 5 years. I dont want to hire someone that wont have a shot at achieving their long term goals with us because it wouldnt be fair to them.

On the flip side, I just hired a new finance person. I wanted someone who can eventually become a controller then CFO. I have no idea if they are really capable of it, but I want them to at least want it and to have demonstrated some activities to have tried working towards it.


this is absolutely true. almost 100% of job ads are terrible. They are focused exclusively on what the company wants. Instead the ads should be marketing to attract the best. The ads should explain why someone great would want to work there.



Gamifying rails learning


I would be interested in seeing your resume and the actual emails you are sending. Perhaps you should be doing some more formal A/B testing with variations on your resume/cover letter.

This could be an interesting startup opportunity :)


We use a company that has their accountants in India. They access our quickbooks file via a cloud server. It costs about 3K/month for a full time accountant (that is 40 hours a week).

Keep in mind that most accountants are actually tax guys. They can put things into categories and track the numbers but cant actually make any recommendations about how to structure your finances, your corporate structure, how to reduce taxes, exactly how you should accrue your revenue/expenses and what kinds of metrics you should use to monitor your business. It is helpful to get a CFO level person to set everything up and then you can get a lower level person to just crunch the numbers into the right places.

At the end of the year you will have a tax accountant do your taxes. Even within the tax guys there are tax guys that will simply calculate your taxes and ones that will help you to optimize your taxes.


you dont pay SS tax but you pay two income taxes. Regular corporate income tax then personal income tax on any distributions.


for a C corp the income taxes are deductible up to a reasonable amount (so its not quite two full income taxes). At a small level, it may more sense to make salary payments rather than dividends (depends on the scale)

last i recall, pub 535 discussed this


one large payment is not cheaper than periodic payments. You can use company money for non business expenses but the IRS may catch up to you at some point. The penalties are not that stiff, but I wouldnt do it. It would be better to put your effort into building your business.

Here is one (IANAL and you need one to do this - if you need one I can recommend one)

Form an LP, make your C corp a general partner in the LP, you will be officers in the C corp. You will be limited partners in the LP. This gives you liability protection. The LP becomes your operating entity. Money flows into the LP from clients. It turns out that LP's can distribute money to limited partners without paying social security tax. There is no minimum salary required to do this. Your actual employees can be employees of the C corp as usual.

You will save around 15K/year per person who does this.

If you want to get money out completely tax free, look up a SEP IRA. The SEP ira lets you contribute 25% of your income up to 49K tax free. But it must be available for all employees. The company can contribute up to 50%.

Meals are only 50% deductible and it probably isnt worth doing, but if you guys go to dinner and talk business then your should. But if you put your cars into an LLC you can have your C corp pay the LLC and then deduct all car related expenses (insurance, gas, maintenance, interest). You can do the same with medical related expenses. IANAL - get a lawyer who understands how to do this.


There are structural advantages to keeping it a C corp (ie when raising money). LP and LLC have no real conception of shares in the same was as the C corp

Money in an IRA is still retirement money (not cash in hand) -- you have to pay tax if you want to get the money this year

Meals are 100% deductible if you are working -- read irs publication 15b on fringe benefits

For the cars, you can also opt for the 50 cent per mile deduction (useful in high mileage situations)


inside sales. Google, facebook, groupon etc all have telesales organizations even though each transaction is small. growing an inside sales team is hard. You most likely will have to hire a manager and could blow your whole cash reserve on a dud. Alternately you could go with an outsourced sales company.



Do you have any pointers on how to find "inside sales" people? Have you tried outsourcing it? How much can I expect to pay?


Maybe you are adding up all of the great discoveries throughout all of history and comparing them to a 50 year period.

Another issue is that many of the "great" theories were considered to be crocks at the time. It took decades for them to be proven and/or accepted. Anything equivalent discovered now might not be proven for a hundred years.

For example theory of manmade global warming. Telomere theory of aging - may lead to everlasting life Genetic basis of disease How viruses are integrated into our genome

Things that are yet to be proven but there are competing theories. Some may turn out to be correct Origin of species Unified theory Extraterrestrial life



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