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I notice that you run a competing site to collegegrad.com - namely onedayonejob.com. Obviously you are likely to have paid attention to some of the things your competitor has been doing. But are you sure you're not just using this as an opportunity to stick it to them? If so, that would strike me as a distasteful use of this forum, especially since Matt has been very gracious to give this opportunity to the HN community.


Even if they were direct competitors with the exact same market and product (Which they don't appear to be), that could mean that he's got a much better idea of how his competitors may be doing spammy things then we do. Since these are algorithmic changes not site specific changes any resulting fix would get applied to his own site as well.

The motives here don't offend me.


I completely understand why you'd question my motives. I thought really hard about whether I should post this example or not. I tried to find an alternative example that would demonstrate the same problem, but this is the only one that I could come up with. I'm sure if I spent significantly more time looking I could have found something similar, but this example is very apparent to me because it's in SERPs that I watch closely.

I'm not trying to "out" this site. I don't think they've done anything wrong or manipulative—they just have some pages with no content that are ranking well. I think that this type of issue should be on Matt's radar. Most of the site is of extremely high quality, and it deserves the high rankings that it gets.

It's a page that is solely navigational structure, yet it ranks very well for a very specific keyword because of title tags and anchor text. We've already seen that Google has a problem (that they're working towards fixing) with low content from low and medium quality sites. What are they doing about low quality content (or non-content) from high quality sites?


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