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This is a webview app not a native app.


Didn't that thread conclude old developers branch out into non-dev avenues?


jdjdjd 35 days ago | link

One theme was that there are older developers who are still working and doing what they love. Of course there are also plenty who have gone into different directions.


timmm 41 days ago | link | parent | on: Bulletproof Coffee

The founder, Dave Asprey, actually could not be more relevant to this community. He was the first person to sell something through the internet, and made 6 million dollars when he was 26 by selling his company Exodus Communications. Since then he has worked for several tech all-star companies and today leads a publicly traded cloud computing security company as Vice President.


That resume doesn't lie.


shittyanalogy 41 days ago | link

He is absolutely relevant to this community. That doesn't make him a dietitian or a source for scientific conclusion. Nor does it make everything he puts onto paper relevant to this community.

And he's clearly got something to sell with this whole Bulletproof thing.


npsimons 40 days ago | link

Okay, by that standard, we should be posting theological links from Pat Robertson on HN, or any of a dozen other hucksters who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps or pioneered ways to fleece suckers. I mean, obviously they're successful, why shouldn't we listen to their insights?

I'd truly be interested in Asprey's business insights (particularly startups), but IMHO we've had more than enough unscientific dietary claims on HN to last us for a while.


timmm 49 days ago | link | parent | on: Atom

> people didn't born knowing Javascript. They learnt it. And one could argue that Lisp is just as easy to learn

Just about everyone here knows javascript. Almost know one here knows Lisp, make your own conclusions.


Grue3 48 days ago | link

You do realize this site was written in Lisp?


glhaynes 48 days ago | link

Unless the authors of the software behind HN make up a large portion of its comment contributors, I don't see the relevance.


oscardelben 46 days ago | link

Where did you get that impression from?


hnriot 48 days ago | link

* Almost know one here knows Lisp, make your own conclusions.

nor English it seems :)


xerophtye 48 days ago | link

Still waiting for someone to correct the GP...

"No one is born knowing JS" or "No one was born..."


eyko 48 days ago | link

Looks like timmm isn't a native English speaker, should his command of English be more important than his message?

There are languages where "to be born" is one verb and it makes it reasonable to make the mistake and think that in english it would be the same: "to born".


xerophtye 47 days ago | link

I apologize if i came off as snarky. I was trying every bit not to. I didn't correct it immediately, but when i saw another user correcting, I added my own correction to his comment.

Btw, English isn't my first language either, so please do not see this as "arrogant English speaker wants everyone to speak his language". In fact, my mother tongue is far far different from english (we dont even have a common script!)


Jsut one tihgn:

1. Teh iopmtrnace fo godo gammrar.

See, it's not that important.


theGREENsuit 51 days ago | link

Grammar != spelling.


Sorry but little tricks and magic bullets like this do nothing in the long term to alleviate the issue. Primarily because you won't stick to the habit.

OP you will have to decide whether doing work and being productive is something you want for yourself, you will not be able to fein an answer for any substantial amount of time. Your answer is also subject to change.

My guess is if you completely gave in to your de-motivated mentality you would quickly realize how bankrupt it is and be driven back to working.


> Minimizing pain, maximizing pleasure.

Too reductivist, so do I eat the ice cream sundae and get pleasure right now? To the detriment of my long term health or do I eat the kale forfeiting short term pleasure and gaining long term pleasure?

Your model has no predictive power.


Counter-example: Me, I don't work out. I work 9-5 at a tech job and then spend the weekend working on my own products. I don't struggle with motivation as I literally enjoy what I do.

Always question advice that people like to rattle off - humans are very good at perpetuating bad memes without a second thought. Like that running a marathon (26 miles) in one go is somehow healthy, without ever questioning why a healthy activity would make them shit their pants and nipples bleed.

In fact exercising would probably decrease the probability that I would be productive as it would consume more of my time and energy.

My 0.02



Isn't part of the appeal of starting a web business the low costs required to do so? It sure as hell was for me when I started out.

I have an app that I go months without doing anything with (touching the code base, answering customers, ect.) and yet it still earns me a constant flow of income. In other words my profit margins are absurd (>90%). That's pretty cool if you ask me.

Of course I won't be earning millions from it but I earn enough money and I maintain full autonomy. I frequent places like hacker-news to learn things and to stay connected with the community but I have absolutely no interest networking with investors or taking money from an seed/accelerator firm.


soundlab 59 days ago | link

Couldn't agree more. Step 1 toward this is to completely eradicate any VC/startup investor blogs or threads from your browser and substitute them with real daily communications with potential customers.

I look at the entire VC model and see it as a huge waste of most entrepreneurs' time and energy. Why entrepreneurs seek validation from accelerators, investors, and the media is beyond me. The usual response is that to build an enormous company at a very high growth rate requires a ton of money and doing anything other than that is mailing it in infamous lifestyle business approach. I reject that entire premise- you can make quite a large dent in the world, build a large business, and generate a big income by bootstrapping in one niche market after another- the major tradeoff is time.


> If you're anyone else, though, the best advice regarding SillyCon Valley is just to sit this lifetime out

Or you can opt out of the silicon valley game of what is essentially arbitrage and instead grow a tech company the proper way which is by bootstrapping and eventually accumulate enough profit to have that aspect of your life sorted out. And you will have done it without all the headaches and bullshit that comes along with investors.



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