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Top notch developer experience; it just works. But when i was building a semi large web app with it a few years back I got quite bored with the amount of cookie cutter code I needed to write. Perhaps the amount of rails type frameworks has progressed enough for that to have become a non issue though.

As a react native developer I can confirm SwiftUI is more fun. Mostly because of the relative simplicity. You just need Xcode or these days an iPad with Playgrounds on it and you can build stuff.

I’m intrigued with Funny. What makes these frameworks funny?

The documentation only has a screenshot of the brands supported. Would be nice to just be able to lookup my car brand and make support in the docs instead of having to make an Auth flow first...

Yeah... I went to their homepage and still had no idea what cars they supported, what features the car needed, etc.

From my understanding though they're just a wrapper API around the car manufactures existing apis?

Agreed. The homepage is confusing and doesn't give me some of the information I need.

The requirements/supported brands & models should be somewhere prominent on the front page, and I'm honestly still confused. Similar any country restrictions. This being limited to the US should not be hidden three levels deep in some FAQ.

The Otonomo isn't any better though, it doesn't even seem to have any links to the docs.

> From my understanding though they're just a wrapper API around the car manufactures existing apis?

Yep, think EasyPost for car functions

That's good feedback. We'll try to make things more clear!

Huh... Safari on iOS crashes on that page

Interesting, it doesn’t crash for me!

Did that not turn out to be uikit port to macos?


No, I believe it is the case that Gruber conflated two separate projects (which might both be part of the same overall vision). The first was codenamed "Marzipan" and has been announced (and leaked and reported by Gurman). The second is what Gruber is speaking of in that article, and relates to laying out views. It has not been announced, but is codenamed Amber. Gruber clarified this post-Marzipan announcement in a tweet [0]. More info from Gurman [1].

[0] - https://mobile.twitter.com/gruber/status/1014490721909444608

[1] - https://mjtsai.com/blog/2018/05/01/scuttlebutt-regarding-app...

* differentiate between backlog and ready for development: (bi)weekly triage * bugs first, then code reviews, then features * order features by priority; PM? Triage as well? * work ready for development list top to bottom

Looks like the tags and keyvals could cover some of that. Maybe a bit hard to express priority (or change it).

Would be neat if changes in the dashboard would update the todos in your code (bit scary though)

Priority does get encapsulated via the special p=INT key val.

Also the edits you make in the UI actually are applied to the code! :D

My work flow is running a toodles server in a copy of our repo they we reserve for toodles, and commit the changes after planning meetings or similar.

The resale value for a Mac after 4 years can easily be 50% of the original price. With this issue; not so much.

That's sad, it means that it takes 4 years for Mac's to double in quality.

fixed budgets. works fairly well for most european countries like e.g. germany; https://theconversation.com/how-germany-managed-to-abolish-u...

Except when they have to compete for high value professors [0].

[0]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15600275

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