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Krugman used to think like a typical economist, but abandoned this approach and subsequently became a celebrated columnist. Ironically this was years after he wrote an essay complaining how the economists who became popular were rarely the ones who had a good understanding of economic theory:



"The main difference is that eventlet can’t influence the Python runtime, but actors are built into Erlang at a language level, so the Erlang VM can do some cool stuff like mapping actors to kernel threads (one per core) and preemption. We get around this problem by launching one API server per core and load balancing with nginx."

The actor model is for concurrency, which is when your threads are communicating with one another, right? What about the task that the API server does requires inter-thread communication?


Here are some Hacker News threads related to client side testing:





great pointer! zombie looks pretty promising and makes a good fit with the node ecosystem.


Some days you want to smoke weed, other days you want to take modafanil.


Some hobbies are more dangerous than others. I think it makes sense for us to discourage people from getting started on the more dangerous hobbies. Also, people do blame alcohol.


How's that, exactly?


Possible justification for HN being biased:



Does anyone know what kind of money MegaUpload makes?

How profitable are internet businesses in general? Would anyone be willing to share the site they run and the amount it makes?


"In 2001 Schmitz pulled off a huge stock market bluff which netted him a small fortune. After buying shares worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the almost bankrupt LetsBuyIt.com, he announced that he would invest 50 million euros in the company, but in reality he didn’t have the money. His declaration led to the biggest single-day rise on the German stock market which allowed Schmitz to sell his shares and pocket $1.5 million profit. He was arrested for insider-trading in 2002, sentenced to a term of 20 months and given a 100,000 euro fine."

And they let him keep the money? Damn, I should try insider trading some time--$1.4 million is pretty good for 20 months of "work".


Most of the private universities that actually have to market themselves cater to less intelligent folks who will take much longer to catch on to the fact that degrees are overpriced.



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