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"That sounds like advice from a relatively inexperienced developer."

I would say it sounds like advice from someone who has never worked at a larger organization. I believe what he says holds more true in smaller, very product-driven companies. But whether you get recognition or not for your work still depends on non-coding skills in these environments.


and that sucks, which is the reason why developers who do not wish to become grand masters in communications skills and Buddhist patience must leave the enterprise :P


Being able to communicate with people who are not developers is a useful skill to have in life outside of work too.


It's the normal "China is evil" FUD.


Articles that claim that Chinese are buying a significant portion of homes tend to conflate immigrants / people of Asian descent with foreign investors, and then complain about new wealth in China.


Why is ECDHE+3DES a "lulz-worthy combination"?


"A number of [larger] companies are getting paid for the information. If you go establish a tap on Google’s network, they will charge X amount per month. Usually the government pays it."

This is directly contrary to what every "larger" company has repeatedly stated in response to Prism. People actually think that the companies are not only forced to keep silent, but release public statements lying?


Yes - we have seen language contorted into meaninglessness by by lawyers and courts. "Waterboarding is not torture." "Data recordings are not data collection." "Drones cause one civilian casualty per hundreds known dead terrorists."

I am a fervent believer in the power of government to do enormous good - but is necessary that those actions be public or they will invariably be abused. Whenever you contemplate government acting in secret, you must weigh that against the cost of that action being abused - because at some point it will be.

I'm angry and will let you imagine a link to foaas.com.


That every major telecom/ISP charges for wiretaps and other information pulls has long been public knowledge. Reimbursing them for government requests is a line-item in our public federal budget.



Warren Buffett recommended to buy it several years ago if Steve Jobs believed that the stock was underpriced at the time. Buffett was describing to Jobs the advantages and disadvantages of potential ways to spend extra cash.

I'm re-iterating that this was several years ago!

Warren Buffett also never said anything himself about the stock being underpriced. It was all contingent on Jobs's opinion.

[Edit] Original transcript. Unfortunately pdf. Starts at "No, I've never bought Apple.". Stock was around 200 when Jobs talked to Buffett. http://fm.cnbc.com/applications/cnbc.com/resources/editorial...


So you're saying that the 2.5 year old CR-48's test hardware (2 GB Ram, 1.6 Ghz Atom processor, 16 GB SSD) is why you're not buying a Pixel?


No... I can't afford a Pixel, and if I was going to spend that amount of money on a computer, I'd probably buy something with more 'oomph'. Sure a hi-res screen is nice, but apparently not enough content is there to make it really worth while. For DTP and media work, I could see it being really good, but since those applications aren't really ChromeOS friendly (yet?), I don't see the point.

For general web use (browser, email, terminal) a 'regular' chromebook is quite usable - even a 2 year old one.


Someone in an HR role would have familiarity with this.

Also, glassdoor would be able to provide stats on this for decently large companies if they implemented this. I'm just a little hesitant to trust their numbers as is since some tech companies have obviously been around for a while...


Google got Matias Duarte from WebOS at the end of Gingerbread so he had minimal effect on that / honeycomb. Android is a huge, slow beast so it took a while to improve.


What about Asians in the US that speak English?

Title should include "Chinese" not "Asian". The article only references Chinese.

How does pronouncing numbers help with anything more complex than counting?


Most Asian counting systems are similar to the Chinese.

>How does pronouncing numbers help with anything more complex than counting? Majority of the population don't use much beyond very basic math. The ability to do simple arithmetic on a day to day basis for most is an important skill to have.


It's 100 kB now.

If the plot had a similar curve from 0-50kB would everyone still be commenting? What about 0-5 kB?

Is this about the absolute values or the curve?

Unless everyone is expecting exponential page size growth to continue indefinitely (and ignoring bandwidth increases), I don't see the point.


1-5 kB would be even more interesting. That would make Google's flagship page several orders of magnitude smaller than most websites.



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