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thetron 164 days ago | link | parent | on: Float Label Pattern

I love this idea. I did a quick pure-CSS implementation, not bullet-proof by any means - biggest downside is it's reliance on the `required` attribute: http://jsfiddle.net/thetron/qpsnH/


I started using Airmail[1], and I love it. Mainly for label support with Gmail, but there's lots of little bits of UI features that I love about. Definitely worth the $1.99 or whatever it is on the App Store.

[1]: http://airmailapp.com/


tigroferoce 164 days ago | link

I've seen it, but I read that it's very bugged. Did you experienced any problem?


hashtree 164 days ago | link

None here, thus far. Best mail client I've ever used.


tigroferoce 164 days ago | link

Good to know. 2$ is definitely worth. Pity there is not a trial version on the app store.

BTW, is it good to keep zero inbox? I'm so desperate that I was thinking about writing my own zero inbox-oriented client ...


Thanks for mentioning this! I had completely missed the announcement. That's really exciting, I wonder if pin.net.au will adjust their pricing to match Stripe's. Good to have some healthy competition locally.


tomcorrigan 235 days ago | link

Pin will need to drop its prices to below stripe's or drastically improve the product. I started in integrating pin payments into my SaaS app and gave up when I realised pin would send an ugly email to my customers _every_ time I charged them. Ugh, no thanks.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


Melbourne or Sydney, Australia - involved.com.au

With a content-first approach, we develop bespoke digital experiences for some great clients – from global travel and tourism companies to local boutique arts- and media-based clientele – including a long-established interface research relationship with University of Melbourne. We design and develop eCommerce sites, custom CMS-driven sites, Android/iOS apps, digital campaigns and much more. Our clients are Australian, Asia Pacific and UK based, we’re open source and proud, in love with Ruby and all things mobile, and enjoy helping good people futureproof their digital presence. Our flat structure and open communication encourage contribution from every level.

We’re looking for…

An experienced front-end developer to join us in Melbourne, working closely with our design team and technical director. Someone that’s adept at crafting high quality user experiences for desktop and mobile, with at least a couple of years experience in a similar role. A team player, that quickly becomes instrumental in every project, from inception to delivery, as we firmly believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to our projects.

You’re ideally...

* a lovely person, committed to continual learning and sharing;

* passionate about great web experiences, quality design and fanatical detail;

* experienced in building nice things for appreciative clients and end-users;

* equally happy to contribute to client workshops and design sessions, as you are getting stuck into serious code;

* established and active in the development community, with a GitHub profile we can have a poke at;


* you.skills.include?(“Ruby”) == major_bonus_points

We offer...

* a lovely little studio space in the heart of Collingwood, with top coffee at arm’s length;

* a busy but relaxed, friendly environment with constant music and no politics;

* the chance to work with some major brands, on influential projects that matter;

* a great salary, negotiable dependent on prior experience;

* a realistic approach to working hours and life balance;

* the opportunity for personal growth through attending relevant conferences and workshops.


thetron 419 days ago | link | parent | on: Ruby 2.0.0 Released

Congrats Ruby team - really well done. 20 great years.


thetron 419 days ago | link | parent | on: Ruby 2.0.0 Released

Because it makes me happy.


We love sentry. We made the switch from Hoptoad/Airbrake, because the pricing based on event volume rather than number of projects. We use it to track a group of small-scale Rails applications - which are growing in number, but reasonably low traffic.

I love everything about it, looking forward to having a poke around the new design!


Super relieved to see that - I was seriously disappointed to see Corey's name in amongst the mob. That's how an apology should be written.


We tend to run out of private repos on our organisation gold plan, but have a little ruby script which can pull down some of the older projects (and their wikis), zip them up, archive them to S3 and then remove the repo on Github.

It can also do the reverse, pull the archives down, create a new private repo and push everything back up.

It works quite well, and certainly solved the problem of hitting that ceiling.


oomkiller 452 days ago | link

Would you mind publishing this? We run into this issue too.


thetron 451 days ago | link

It's definitely my intention to. At the moment it's a bit of a hodge-podge, but it's definitely on my to-do list to release it as a properly packaged (and tested) rubygem.


cmccabe 452 days ago | link

You should consider using git-annex with an S3 remote.




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