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One hopes its something reasonable like: "If you don't like the show, don't watch it."

"This show was tested on animals. They didn't understand it."

Asians started killing white Americans to get into the Ivy League? I think I missed that one.

see from the outset that they will have to work twice as hard to be only equally respected in the industry

'citation needed'

When I work with females who do the work, and don't turn into weird drama queens, they get equivalent respect and reward as the guys.

People sometimes get afraid that a female will not be normal at work, and instead reveal herself as some kind of angry, complaining, entitled SJW who believes she is entitled to unearned respect or accolades. (To be fair, guys can show this too, but usually they are shut down faster and harder, because they don't have the "but I'm a girl" card.)

In this case: frat excludes females.

A typical American university "frat party" is hosted at a fraternity, and also welcomes attendees of both sexes.

The drinking-to-excess issue is a separate issue from the party theme. It sounds like they were going for a "college throwback" concept rather than "drink to excess".

(One hopes that professionals in the workplace realize that they probably shouldn't drink 'til they puke and fall under the beer pong table.)

I'm not saying my personal beliefs - I'm saying what others are taking issue with. The Thought Police are taking issue with it being a "Frat Party" because it "excludes women and makes them feel unwanted".

Or am I not understanding the backlash properly?

I agree - I think the backlash is because "frat party" is supposed to exclude women. Never mind that "frat" refers to the location, and not the attendees. Any actual "frat party" that I ever attended in college welcomed women with open arms.

"Frat party" is offensive now? What about the very existence of frats altogether. Should we ban those? Oh what about men's clubs? What about groups of men?

Some people do believe that any men organizing and assembling in groups - specifically as men, and excluding women by choice - is actually unacceptable.

It would be interesting to compare the set of people who believe that, with the set of people who believe that exclusionary, so-called "safe spaces" are fine for women and/or minorities.

(Obviously, no sex-exclusive "safe spaces" are permissible for men, for any reason.)

Welcome to our "College Party Themed Party with Typical College Party Games such as Beer Pong".


discredited, but important

So even though the article wasn't true, and it was based on a completely fabricated story by a person who may actually be insane, it's still "important", because it provides ammunition to build up the narrative against those hated (i.e. White and Male) fraternities.

One of the things you're paying for is for the service provider to "act as if".


People who use privilege as an argument aren't asking you to be ashamed of being white, they're asking you to be ashamed of being conservative.

Well that's a big problem too.

It's essentially erasing the experience and stories of an entire swath of the political spectrum, and shaming people for their political orientation.


The context seems to be people with specialised skills who are approached by start ups for specific items of work (graphic design projects), with an expectation of free our cheap labour.

What's the potential benefit to the contractor, to do free work for a startup? Is it an actual thing to ask service providers or solo practitioners to work for no cash and no equity?



The benefit is "exposure" or "portfolio pieces" and it's terrible.



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