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For those of us in NYC, I recommend keeping an eye on the nonsensenyc mailing list:


There's usually a handful of interesting events going on around the city and will often lead you to strange new places (in a good way).


Burning Man was better last year, too.


Yeah. Also, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders too.


The study measured the ability to "mindread" and that sentence simply states that the women in the study performed better in that test. It's not a generalized statement about women.


There's an app for iOS, Android, and a web app for desktop (and I think mobile web, though I've never used it).


I wonder what prompted it, and if this means they could potentially fine anyone flying RC/Drone aircraft in that area during the NOTAM.


The cynical interpretation is that the police don't want TV helicopters covering their riot control tactics.

NOTAMs apply to all airmen. You can't fly a drone in any other no-fly zone, so this one wouldn't seem to be different.


I'm not a lawyer, but I think this would depend on the eventual outcome of FAA v. Pirker.

The judge in that case found the following:

Neither the Part 1, Section. 1.1, or the 49 U.S.C. Section 40102(a)(6) definitions of "aircraft" are applicable to, or include a model aircraft within their respective definition.

Which means that NOTAMs would not apply to drone operators.

However, the FAA appealed and because of the procedure for transport courts, the appeal immediately stays that decision.


Probably the fact that some people were shooting firearms at the police helicopters during the riot.


They shouldn't be emailing around "highly confidential brokerage account information" in the first place. It should be locked down in some internal system. Poor practice from GS that caused it all in the first place.


Having worked at a similar iBank, I can assure you most people don't give a rat's ass about proper procedures until they're caught. Why it was even possible to send an email to an external address with such an unencrypted attachment is a bigger question. I hope the lucky recipient finds a high bidder for said information.


This is 100% true, but does that mean that they should experience a data breach as a means of teaching them a lesson? Seems like that could create a lot of collateral damage among the affected account holders.


Agreed. Saying that communities decay is the same as saying pop music sucks because it appeals to the masses. Millions of people love that content and who are you to say whether they should enjoy it or not?

We should be building better tools that can adapt and grow with the community.

I wrote about this a couple of years ago, with a possible set of solutions: https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/c4c4074591ba


I wrote a post a while back about how the design of your social tools can help solve this problem:


If you look at sites that are based on following users or categories they are able to scale to much larger sizes without breaking down.


People think Weird Twitter is weird, but it's no competition for Weird YouTube.


> "It's not worth it to be an employee of a startup. You need to be a founder."

Yup. If you can get a job at a tech company that offers high compensation, you will likely make more there (and gain lots of great experience) than you will at a startup.

Look at the value over 4 years: - Startup salary (~$100k-ish) vs. Tech co (~$140k-ish+) - Startup equity could be worth $1,000,000 if you get 1% and the company sells for 100 million (obviously there can be other factors here, but lets just use that number) - Large co. Stock grant could be 150k-200k+(or more!) over 4 years, and you'll likely get refresher grants on top of that each year. And the stock price will likely go up over those 4 years. So after year 4 you are making quite a bit off of your vesting stocks.

There's also a pretty good chance the startup will fail, which would net you nothing but a sub-market salary for the last few years, so it will be harder for you to negotiate a higher salary at your next gig. Or if you are acqui-hired, you'll get some small hiring bonus and then have to wait 4 more years for your new stock to vest.

To me, the only time joining a startup and taking below-market compensation is if you are just starting out and want to gain some experience you might not get at a more established company, or perhaps your skills aren't up to par so you can't get past the interviews[1].

Or maybe you just like the "startup culture", and that's cool, but why not start your own thing instead?

[1] Note that if your startup gets acqui-hired, you'll probably have to interview anyway, which could result in not getting an offer!



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