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How many are you fred? My place might be available in August.

Creative idea how to to fund it? The biggest need in the valley right now are capable engineers, UI, UX and project managers. This is a kooky for certain, but if you want to be original and a hero you could connect European talent with valley companies that are paying $2-$5k for candidate leads. Or find a way to virtually bring that talent to the area.


Heya Ted! There's 5 of us coming - I'll get in touch with you by other means to talk about all of this. One of the best things about heading to cali for a while is the chance of hanging out with you too. Can't wait!


Wow, this brings me back. Nothing makes VCs hotter than a nascent business with traction in a hot sexy space. They'll cool fast when they see the world isn't suddenly going to all get iPhones and leave everything else behind, but they are on it like spider monkeys right now


I think John's points also addresses your feeling. He's saying why are you so crazy about just this market. Which conversely means why do you want me so badly when there is a much larger ecosystem of great development going on that you are ignoring


Best list on the topic I've seen in a while!

Living through a start-up for last 5 years they are all great. Here's a couple thoughts on some of the items.

* Get book on managing people and read them

* If you dare hire friends, make sure you understand each others expectations to a 't' and check-in often.

* Spend as if you have to live on your own means

* Prove your business model early

* Dont define yourself by what your start-up is. Keep yourself intact.


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