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I have a direct answer: once you get good enough at toki pona to want to distinguish, you do some personal reflection about what a friend is to you and find more specific ways to say that, such as jan poka (accompanying person) or jan mi (my person). You can also specify whether jan li pona tawa mi (good to me) or li pona tawa kulupu (good to the broader community).

Lots of little mistakes, here's an accurate back translation

I love Toki Pona. I've been speaking it from a short time. You can see my vehicle at https://www.youtube.com/@janPolijan. Toki Pona is good for fun conversation, but it doesn't have a lot of talking or ways of talking. Its sounds are nice and few. The toki pona community is growing the language. People do a lot of talking and have fun conversations. But toki pona is good for thinking in because of it and is fun for the mind. You'll be able to talk a lot in Toki Pona in the future. You'll be able to say large things. But you won't want to talk about transportation technology in Toki Pona. People talk in about big knowledge gadgets in book vehicles. [lol] Toki Pona is small, but it's fun and can say a lot of things.

I would definitely not attempt to translate something like that in one shot - I'd read it and digest it for a bit and come up with a way to say the same thing without being unnecessarily obtuse, Thing Explainer style. mi nanpa e mute ijo la kipisi ijo li ken ala lon. ijo wan sin li kama la mi suli wan e nanpa. taso mi ken ala suli kipisi e nanpa. nanpa pi mute ijo la ni li ken ala: ijo tu en kipisi pi ijo wan li lon. taso mi nanpa e suli ijo la kipisi nanpa ale li ken. ijo li kama suli sin pi kipisi wan la mi ken suli pi kipisi wan e nanpa. kipisi li ken lili ale. nasin nanpa ni li ken nanpa e suli ijo e suli tenpo e suli seli. nanpa pi suli ijo la ni li ken: mi sitelen e nanpa la sitelen ni li ken nanpa ni taso li sama ala sitelen pi nanpa ante. taso nanpa mute la sitelen ona li suli ale li ken ala pini. GPT3 doesn't translate this very well, it seems to miss the fine points of grammar, but maybe GPT4 would do better

This is what GPT4 came up with for the translation:

> The text you provided is in Toki Pona, a constructed language with a minimalistic vocabulary. The translation to English is challenging due to the highly context-dependent and simplified nature of the language. Without further context, here's a rough translation:

> "When I count many things, cutting things is not possible. When one new thing comes, I increase the count by one. But I can't increase the count by cutting it. In the case of counting many things, this is not possible: two things and a cut of one thing exist. But when I count large things, cutting all numbers is possible. When something becomes large by cutting one, I can increase the count by cutting one. Cutting can make everything small. This counting method can count large things, long times, and hot things. In the case of counting large things, it's possible: when I write a number, this writing can count it but is not the same as writing a different number. But with many numbers, its writing is always large and cannot end."

> Please note that the translation might not capture all the nuances, and the interpretation may vary based on the context in which the text is used.

Much closer

As an experienced toki pona speaker, this list is amusing because most of this is either a pointless terrible idea or already valid and accepted - somehow with very little in between. I'll leave it to the next commenter to go point by point.

That makes sense as to why it's from the 2000s prior to your modern tongue.

Beyond what you described there is a weird clause in paragraph 7:

7. Updates and Runtime Restrictions. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Licensor reserves the right to restrict (remotely or otherwise) usage of the Model in violation of this License, update the Model through electronic means, or modify the Output of the Model based on updates. *You shall undertake reasonable efforts to use the latest version of the Model.*

I think this means it is now illegal to use SD 1 if at all reasonably possible to use SD 2?

“Licensor reserves the right”… the licensor has not invoked this clause and SD1.x is still listed on the huggingface repos of the respective licensors (the situation is a little complicated by the fact that 1.4, 1.5 and 2.x were each released by different licensors, so a revocation would most likely require agreement from all those parties). Still worth keeping in mind from an open source perspective…

So for a start not being compliant with a license is not the same as something being illegal. Then I'm not sure whether the last sentence is tied to the rest of the clause if it relates to usage of the model in violation of the license. I'm not sure if v1 and v2 are considered the same model or not. Arguable either way.

It does add risks for a company sure.

edit - thanks for adding that in, it's an important part of the picture.

Panini's grammar describes Sanskrit syntax and morphology, and it's structured much like a typical parser generator grammar, except written in a heavily abbreviated form of Sanskrit instead of a programming language. In fact it's the first formal grammar in recorded history of any language, and western linguists studying it is arguably is the reason we have the concept of a formal grammar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A%E1%B9%A3%E1%B9%AD%C4%81dhy%C...

In the Hacker News language game I think this comment delivered without sarcasm would be much better received.

I suspect it is actually an army of underpaid contractors, and that the inconsistency is a result of each flag and update getting looked at by a different contractor.

Ugh, this happened with a Shopify plugin of ours. Got flagged for missing something which the screenshots clearly showed was there. Resubmit enough times and it passes.

The problem with the law is this bit snuck into a definition at the very end:

> or any topic involving gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, sexual orientation, or related subjects.

I love the "it works!" rush!

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