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Killed a laptop when plugging in my phone (with the old 30 pin connector). Turns out a bit of foil from a wrapper had become stuck in the slot on the phone.

Since this was in the bad old day the laptop was fixable for under $200 so it wasn't too bad.

Still, makes sense to keep an eye on what you plug into your computer.

I recently fried my laptop (still worth $500 on ebay and was $1800 new...), from a cheap chinese pcie adapter.

I would love to know where or how I could repair it for and how much.

You can find motherboards and other components on eBay. http://www.laptopinventory.com/ has a very good catalog and excellent how-to videos. I have done parts replacement on a few of my laptops (screens, keyboards, touchpads) and if you have ever added RAM to a laptop the process for the other components is not really any different.

If you'd like to try out radio astronomy you can use SALSA: http://vale.oso.chalmers.se/salsa/welcome

You get access to a 2.3 m radio telescope for free, you just need to book a time slot.

I know that this isn't what you asked for but one way to dramatically reduce the attack surface is to not upload your passwords anywhere and not sync them between devices.

Just keep the passwords on your phone (in a password manager) and type them by hand on your computer. It works well enough since you always keep your phone with you (at least I do).


Swedish migration minister Morgan Johansson now says that Sweden can no longer guarantee housing for refugees [1][2].

This is a new development as the previous official line has been that the situation is strained but under control.

[1]: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/politik/morgan-johansson-gransen-fo...

[2]: http://www.gp.se/nyheter/sverige/1.2887462-minister-boenden-...



I think that now it is time for other European countries to step up and take their responsibility. Many countries seem focused on keeping all migrants/refugees out and in that way shuffling the responsibility to some other country.

It isn't reasonable to expect Turkey and Lebanon to take all refugees from Syria for example.

Also the responsibility of airlines for paying the costs of returning anyone who is not allowed to enter a country should be removed. It is a very hard-line rule that creates a lot of unnecessary suffering and also creates a huge black market (trafficking). [1]

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO0IRsfrPQ4


"I think that now it is time for other European countries to step up and take their responsibility." And what is their responsibility exactly?

Sweden is free to do what they want, just like other countries can decide their own foreign policy.

I'm not saying I support building walls at the border, but again, countries are free to do what they want with their territory, they don't owe anything to refugees or other nations.


Other than international treaties, it's a threat to stability. Not only in the middle east, but in Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Europe as whole and the European Union as an entity. History doesn't really care what you think you owe or don't owe anyone. The question is what you can afford, especially with the change in geopolitics like the rise of China. On the other hand considering the quality of your other comments on HN I'm not even sure why I'm writing this.


There should be errata to the errata since the OPERA result of neutrinos traveling faster than c has since been refuted [1].

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-light_neutrino_ano...


Add an instruction that drops or picks up a parachute(i. e. it flips the state).

Then you should get something that is equivalent to boolfuck (1-bit brainfuck) which is Turing complete.


Blurring or mosaicing is not very secure at all [1]. To be more safe block out sensitive information with solid black. (Just remember to not leak any information in the metadata, like an embedded thumbnail.)

[1]: https://dheera.net/projects/blur


Woah, lesson learned. Thanks for the link.


Why not link to the original source[1] instead?

[1] http://woodgears.ca/toys/slinky.html


Yes, that would be the right thing to do. The article itself does link to my work (it's my creation) but it's hardly highlighted, and near the top, where nobody would look. I'm very disappointed in makezine. Just stealing stuff. Could the link itself be changed to actually point at MY article?


Hey Matthias, taking the opportunity you say thank you. I look forward to your videos each week and really enjoy your no non-sense approach to wood working.

Thanks for all the videos, especially the dresser ones.


Thanks from me too.

My wife and I (both uwaterloo! EE and CS respectively) watch your videos together. She has done quite a bit of wood working, and really enjoys your pantorouter.

In a few weeks, after a decade of waiting, we will finally have a shop to work in. Can't wait to do some projects with her.


I love how open and transparent you were about your process and the mistakes you went through to get it working. It's much more exciting than just a slick video of the final result.


Absolutely, we updated the link from http://makezine.com/2015/08/05/infinite-slinky-escalator/?ut....


Hey Matthias, I came to the video through MAKE Magazine that so far has been a legitimate source of information to the maker community, I tried to edit the post but I couldn't next time I'll double-check that.


I really do enjoy this, thank you very much! I may try and do a writeup of the possible physics at some pint with your permission, would that be okay? (Also Uwaterloo represent!)


I agree that most of these pictures are not of fractals.

I would add the lily pad, thinking cactus, cabbage and fern to the list of fractals. There are only a couple of octaves/iterations in each but there is some self similarity there.

Otherwise there are probably just a lot of Fibonacci spirals(although I haven't counted them).

For more on Fibonacci spirals see this[1] excellent video series by Vi Hart.



Main points from http://www.apple.com/macbook/:

* Dimensions * Keyboard size * Screen resolution * Trackpad features * Wireless capabilities * No fan * Battery design and battery life * Operating system * Apps ...

Seems like a bunch of features to me.

Can't view Apple's videos since I don't have Quicktime, so I can't compare there.

Edit: Apple's page is prettier than Microsoft's.


Fair point. What I wanted to get across is that when Apple releases a new product, I see the picture, and I just want it.

When Microsoft releases a product, it seems like their marketing department just wants to hammer a list of features into my head which just results in me not wanting anything.

Any marketer want to give their two cents?


Apple avoids specs in ads. The closest is doing things like pulling a laptop from a manila envelope:


Which, at the time, was revolutionary. Or "1000 songs in your pocket" (not 4GB in your pocket).



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