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Finally a better anti-crossfit post with details and references.

My question: What’s a good alternative?

I’ve been only to one crossfit gym for half a year (and stopped because I went to a place without a crossfit gym nearby, I plan to start crossfit again). I think I got lucky to have been at a good gym, and as others have pointed out, the author cannot simply assume all gyms are bad.

Here’s my personal experience:

- Before a WOD, we ALWAYS did a refresher on the form of the WOD’s exercises WITHOUT weights

- The gym offered weekly special classes from professional weight lifters and gymnasts for working on form

- Sometimes, at the end more often, there were 2-3 coaches for a group of around 5 - 15 that watched the form

- I think we never did deadlifts within a WOD, only before as a separate exercise

- In WODs with time-limited sets the coaches always said we can take a minute time out if we reach the limit of a set

- I never saw coaches screaming “boot camp”-style

- I didn’t like partner WODs as they pushed me too hard and therefore made me neglect my form. Those partner WODs were only done once a week, so I simply didn’t go at that day.

Overall, my experience in terms of coaching and results was multiple times better than at any “normal” gym I went before.


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