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I'm pretty sure Chris Rock self-censored and doesn't play colleges anymore. But, he still plays other venues.

Yes, he said (paraphrasing) that college kids don't have a sense of humor anymore, they just get outraged at everything.

How far can you take that? Can a spammer put up a TOS claiming that by accessing their site you are agreeing to host their botnet?

Presumably, but the botnet is still likely to be used for illegal purposes, which will get someone (hopefully the spammer, but IANAL) prosecuted.

I'm a bit confused. I would characterize this as documentation which can't really be "tried out". From the rules:

> For example, blog posts, sign-up pages, and fundraisers can't be tried out, so they don't count as Show HNs.

It's hosted on Github but I don't think that in and of itself should put it in the Show HN category. Do you think it belongs in Show HN because it's self promotional?


I had posted stuff in the past that got to the front page and it was pretty much the same sort of thing - hosted on GitHub, forkable, starrable. I don't see what the rule is behind not being able to prefix something you made that you want to show HN as a Show HN. Oh well.

Because otherwise the category would be too broad to be interesting. You and I just made comments but they're obviously not 'Show HN'. It has to be something people can try that has (figurative) moving parts.

Yeah. Doesn't bother me one way or the other. I was just confused.

Great list btw.

The sad thing is, the government broke up AT&T before they had a chance to connect every home in America with fiber. The project end dat was 2000 :/

> All a take-home project does is separate those who can build superior code from those who can build good code under ideal conditions.

It also separates those with no job who spent 20 hours on the project from those with jobs who put in the requested 4 hours.

And using the assumption that the quality of employed engineers is higher than the quality of unemployed engineers, you are lowering the quality of your perspective employment pool.

I used to think the healthy at any weight movement was a gateway to actually being healthy. Start acting healthy and forming healthy habits and eventually you'll be healthy. Kinda like magic thinking except it would actually work.

But, there's a backlash against people who actually loose weight in the movement. That's the part I just don't understand.

no coffee no workee


"A programmer is an organism that converts caffeine into code."


Right. I hate the snacks in our office because it's all chips and junk (no free drinks here :( ) But, I bet Sprint could really cut down on snack costs by providing celery sticks and water instead of chips and soda (no one would eat anything).


My definition of "healthy" is different -- I'd want low-carb. But really, just listening to employees and customizing from there.


I don't think there are a lot of carbs in celery and water.


now that's how you do it. Did you charge them an early cancelation fee?


Where does your homebrew live? I have a few different users on my mac that I want to all share resources so I've kept it in /usr/local (also the "easiest" because it was the default).

TBH, things like this make me really mis debian. It's really nice when your package manager is a first class citizen (and geared towards software development rather than consumption).


It's in /opt, so it's just:

I considered a ~/ directory but wanted it available for the rare occasion when there is someone ssh'd into my machine (though I didn't go so far as to update the system-wide shell configs to use it.



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