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So what if you're one of those new hires (or hope to be one)?

I'd say keep polishing your resume. If you dropped out of school, look for a school with low tuition that isn't University of Phoenix but finish your degree. Stay on your toes: work your way through to graduation, get internships each September (as much as you can).

And though the retire-as-a-millionaire thing might have vanished, you'll land on your feet.

Build your own product now that generates revenue and profit. Make your own job.

What will you eat, old newspaper clippings? If we could all do this, VCs would not exist in the first place.

Please cite a source.

Don't worry too much about the actual open sourcing of it. Just push to github and forget. There will basically be two responses to the source code: either tinkerers or project managers.

Tinkerers will just want to poke around the code, and maybe make a youtube video.

Project managers will try to "fix" issues, "suggest" new directions, and basically try to get you to do things they want. :-P


Oh, wow! How did I miss this? If you are pushing the source on github (regardless of license, I want to avoid that rathole) just so others can learn from what you did, then where do I go to fund you?


Source will be public but I have to attach a license at least for the first couple years. If you are interested in supporting me, you can either preorder a copy or become a patron:

http://www.voxelquest.com/patrons.html :)


Well Gavin, enjoy updating your active patrons list. This bit of love from Hacker News should do you good, in a variety of ways!

Watching the demo today woke up, in me, some long forgotten excitement. My son and I enjoy the hell out of Minecraft. It's a great game and it arrived in its space at just the right time.

What you're doing, though, is going to push things in a new, even more exciting direction, in ways that you can't even imagine yet.


Thanks! I hope so :)


Dictator-like behavior has a polarizing effect, which is generally the precursor to large realignments (and possibly violence). On that note: please be careful!

"The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." - Stars Wars Episode 4

Large realignments are the fallout: those who benefit from the dictatorship will be in favor of it. Dictators also have difficulty maintaining their grip on power.


It's very interesting that we perceive this (public) shutdown as "dictator-like" behaviour while the US uses gag orders, laws and secret courts to force (tech) companies into complying. If you don't want to, you have to shut down your company (see Lavabit). Yet Brasilia is "anti-technology" (sic) because they're not abusing their power in secret.


Oh, I'm totally suggesting the US is "dictator-like"--not all US citizens, but the elite. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10748229


My thoughts are that if you're not planning for an Orwellian Nanny-State who will demand access to all your private keys, you're probably not going to be able to scale up to the UK and China.

HN readers will be designing business models with that in mind.

Not saying this is "old news," just that the actual bill that aligns the US with China in terms of human rights violations will not affect startups as much as it will affect large incumbent businesses: Apple, Reddit, Google, Amazon, etc.

Those incumbents will continue to make money right up until they are disrupted by startups who can route around the internet damage caused by the US spying infrastructure. [1]

So here's a toast to the first HN company that succeeds.

[1] https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/John_Gilmore, from the perspective that spying has chilling effects and is part of a total censorship program.


I would think Google should be more worried than Apple at this point, since Swift works on iOS but Go support in Android is second-class. In fact, there are significant efforts to run Swift on Android which places it at least on par with Go there (and, obviously, ahead on iOS).


I actually don't get the attraction of running Go on Android. I see it as a systems language.

IMHO, Dart is a much more interesting applications language. And it will soon run on iOS (see http://flutter.io)


How exactly does a factual statement, "Microsoft cut off security fixes for Windows XP, except to some big users that pay exorbitantly," cause Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt?

Are you really uncertain about whether Microsoft will EOL your current Windows version, or what that will mean for legitimate businesses who need it to continue to function?

If you don't want to hear what the FSF has to say, that's fine. But their statements are carefully worded in the hopes we can have a calm, logical discussion about the issue -- user freedom has become impossible with Microsoft's latest OS.

This submission is not intended to be biased.


It is FUD because of the implication that there are competitors who do support their operating systems for more than 15 years without requiring expensive support contracts.


The low-barrier-to-entry plays are getting lots of attention, while the ones that take more capital, research, a breakthrough, or all three, are also getting some attention.

The article also simply states the obvious: trivial stuff "is trivial."

This "culling of the herd" can happen continuously, or there can be a flood of investment leading to a bubble. Lots has been blogged about how to make different mistakes [1], how to think different [2], or just how this time will be different [3].

Failing is part of innovating.

"We avoided dying till we got rich." - pg [4]

[1] Just one of many: http://www.inc.com/niel-robertson/brilliant-failures/dot-com...

[2] http://www.thenational.ae/business/technology/apple-is-the-t...

[3] https://avataric.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/startup-culture-ev...

[4] http://www.paulgraham.com/die.html


> The low-barrier-to-entry plays

One of the reasons the barrier is so low is because you often don't have to ask your users to pay. One of the many ways advertising undermines the way the free market is supposed to work.


I think the key bit with this news is that they're doubling down on "the employees snuck this by us. We had no idea. Absolutely no clue whatsoever. Pinkie swear."

They may even be able to "find" an employee who has some kind of plausible story.

The reality is that most auto manufacturers cheat on emissions tests in europe. Mechanics who work on the cars know it. Even the regulators are hesitant to reform emissions testing.

The silver lining is that perhaps an actual improvement in emissions is happening, with the EPA adding road-testing to their emissions test suite.


>"the employees snuck this by us. We had no idea. Absolutely no clue whatsoever. Pinkie swear."

That's how I read the headline. Good thing I wasn't in mid sip when I read it[1]. You can imagine what would happen to an engineer that tried to bring that up. I swear you can smell that dynamic at a company within fifteen minutes of walking in the door.

[1] Seriously this sort of stuff happens, the board members should be banned from serving on a board of directors again.


> I think the key bit with this news is that they're doubling down on "the employees snuck this by us. We had no idea. Absolutely no clue whatsoever. Pinkie swear."

> They may even be able to "find" an employee who has some kind of plausible story.

Maybe! But then they are just claiming to be incompetent as an auto engineering organization, rather than malicious. An interesting choice.


It won't be long before their email servers are going to be impounded. I assume they've long since been scrubbed of evidence but then there are the backups. It's going to be very tough to keep that house of cards standing if it isn't grounded in fact.

Personally I wouldn't write a line of code like that even when authorized by management, I'd rather resign (but then again that's a argued from a position of relative luxury), but I hope that German programmers working for VW or Bosch would want to see some very explicit authorization that this is exactly what it is they are supposed to make with a note to the effect that they believe this is not legal or ethical or both.

If not they may very well end up holding the bag, I have no doubt that this thing will be researched to the bottom.



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