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Just one: the effect this might have on patent law prior art...

Thanks for chiming in! Will you please relay our wishes to the powers that be -- that the GPU driver stay blob-free?

And thanks for contributing the drivers to Mesa!

It should be obvious they are working on it! But only time will tell if it's good enough.

It shouldn't take too long for me to whip up a homebrew formula for this. Do you want one?


if you're willing to do it I'd love that! I should probably familiarize myself with creating formulas at some point, though.


It uses radare2 behind the scenes, so I think you can do it but it might not be as pretty as you expect.


Because violating copyright is not the same as stealing (at all), or stealing a car (which the copyright industry loves to say it is), or detonating explosives in a mosque (which this article conflates it with).

Radical terrorism is an enormous red herring simply because only a very small percentage of the total population will engage in it, they are easy to identify (Israel has been doing it successfully for years), and regulating their _computer_ use will not make or break their aims.

Therefore, we must logically conclude that the article is really about copyright, and not terrorism.


Huh? You seem to be stuck on something that is irrelevant to the current conversation (at least, the point that I was making). I have no interest in debating copyright with you.

If you are stuck on that point, replace "copyright" in my original post with "operating a drone-mounted pistol". Better?


If I may make an even stronger statement, to hopefully spark an interesting conversation:

I have hope. Spontaneous cooperation between equal peers which unintentionally upsets the status quo and becomes the inflection point for political change for the good has been a longstanding tradition.

The requirements are:

1. Equal peers who abide basic human rights such that cooperation is possible.

2. Pent-up desire for political change for the good which needs a catalyst/release valve.

3. Critical mass of willing participants who, if they discover new status quo, can immediately grasp its significance. (a.k.a. The Innovator's Dilemma)

4. Method of communication which enables #3 to cause the political change.


I don't personally have much faith in political change as a starting point. Political change may happen. I suspect it will be the results of a paradigm shift, not the cause of one.

I do agree that innovations in communication, especially in the area of collective decision making, are key.


Ok, I apologize if it sounded like political change was the starting point. (Good! I obviously need to clarify!)

Political change is definitely the result -- but media outlets frequently claim it is all four: cause, method, effect, and definition. (Of the paradigm shift.)






Yes. Signed bootloader loading signed kernel, etc.


Well, you did comment on an article where many corporations view free software as a stepping stone to "attaching strings."

Why can't the corporations negotiate separate licensing deals?

Why do the corporations keep building the same tooling over and over instead?

If you hate working for such a corporation (and I know it may seem trite) but put your resume out there and try to find a better job.

Is software freedom doomed simply because we, the developers, can't negotiate sane licensing agreements and better jobs?



Nearly every company that claims they cannot use GPL software uses Linux, which is GPL.


You're suggesting we fake a signal?

Technically, a satellite could be parked in a Lagrange Point. But the signal would have to be very, very convincing because there will be many, many very smart people looking at it.


But wouldn't a Lagrange point satellite appear to move in a completely un-star-like manner over the course of weeks and months?



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