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What help have they asked you for?

The actual title is "Why you should never retire" which frames it as a suggestion not an imperative.

The skills that make an entrepreneur effective don't always yield political influence. If Garry is understandably frustrated and angry that his efforts to improve SF are being thwarted he needs to change methods, not threaten those who are blocking him. My two cents, reasonable men may differ.

Volunteer your time elsewhere so that it will be put to good use.


1. Treat your spouse as an investor and board member from the beginning.

2. Lay out a plan and hold yourself accountable on a periodic schedule.

3. Come to an agreement on an overall plan that includes timeframes and limits on financial obligations you will incur.

4. Distinguish between asking for money, asking for emotional support, and asking for advice.

5. Schedule time and expense for the mistakes necessary to learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur.

6. Plan for iteration and refinement.

7. Commitments to customers and cofounders are important, but family commitments are more important.

8. Establish some simple practices to maintain financial transparency from the start.

9. Maintain a list of critical risks and review monthly.

10. Financial outcomes are essential, but new learning enables you to define and meet goals.

Karri Saarinen tweeted this today (Jan 6) at 8:36am https://twitter.com/karrisaarinen/status/1743672776643535015 he provides a helpful perspective on why Carta might be tempted to leverage customer information to facilitate transactions.

   This buy order was for $2.5M, they take 2% transaction fee 
   from the buyer and seller. 

   We pay them about $10k a year for the cap table management 
   but this transaction alone would net them $100k. 
   So I can see the temptation.

I think you are on to something with a checklist for benchmarking how solid a research claim is:

Where was it conducted:

   in silico (simulation only)
   in vitro (test tube only)
   in mice (or other animal study)
how old is it: what earlier research does it build on what other research has been done that replicates or disproves it.

Are you aware of other checklists like this?

We offer online events for bootstrappers including Bootstrappers Breakfast and Lean Culture. There are also in-person Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings in Ft. Worth, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

CONCLUSION "Conclusion: Our results support the idea that more-diverse microbiomes can provide health benefits, specifically that they can improve protection against pathogen colonization. We also find that colonization resistance is a collective property of microbiome communities; in other words, a single strain is protective only when in combination with others. Crucially, although increased microbiome diversity increases the probability of protection against pathogens, the overlap in nutrient-utilization profiles between the community and the pathogen is key. Our work suggests a route to optimize the composition of microbiomes for protection against pathogens."

Related article: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/we-know-healthy-gut-fig...

I was an early user of Verilog at MMI/AMD in 1985-88 and attended the first Verilog user group. The article only mentions TEGAS once, but it was a widely used incumbent and the gate-level descriptions in Verilog matched the TEGAS syntax. See for example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HDL_simulators

The decision by Synopsys to base their synthesis input on Verilog created an early tipping point to their joint advantage.

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