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sireat 14 days ago | link | parent | on: The Dark Pool Iceberg

That author seems to think that this was okay behaviour by Barclays, because the clients had choices and could think for themselves(ie caveat emptor)

I do not see how lying to your clients about the type of pool you have is ok. If it is necessary to have some HFT operators in your pool then do not be a chicken and come out and say so. Is honesty not the best policy anymore?

You can be getting the best deals(fills in this case) and still feel like getting a bad deal. It is human psychology.

Let's say you find the best deal on a specific car for $10,000. Dealer claims that you are not paying any dealer markup over retail. However, later you find out that there was a special promotion from manufacturer, where dealer got the cars for $1,000. Even though you realize this was not something you could get yourself you would still feel miffed that you were not given a larger discount.

I admit my example doesn't have very realistic numbers.


kasey_junk 14 days ago | link

I think he pretty clearly comes down against false advertising and giving up your fiduciary duty to your clients. Those are the real issues in the court case.

His main point, and one that seems to be missing in most articles about dark pools, hft, etc. is that buy side investors are as sophisticated (or should be if they are to get away with charging their crazy management fees) as sell side participants. The whole reason they have high paying finance jobs is to provide to their clients the service of making sure they are getting the best execution they can.


That was an amazing answer, condensing various sources and incorporating author's own knowledge.

However, for each answer of this level, you get 100 ridiculous questions and answers:

Sampling from quora spam in my inbox:

I am in my early 20s, earning between $110-180k/yr depending on my bonus. Would it be inappropriate for me to drive a $50k Mercedes Benz?

What is the bravest or riskiest high school graduation speech by a student? What made it so? (suppose this is important to HS student attempting to oneup it)

How did recruiting so many brilliant mathematicians help Goldman Sachs to earn so much money?

A 12-year-old with cancer wants you to take their virginity because they will not live long enough to experience it normally. You are the only person they trust. Is it ethical to agree?

I could go on..


Easy to be less expensive when Hexo does not have a working prototype and are still in the hype stage.

Kind of sad though that Airdog is going to get less funding(and less exposure) than Hexo, just because of lack of flashy marketing.

Still, looks like both projects will get funded and that is a good thing.


My personal anecdote will disagree with this: I bike 6x2 miles to work and back every day whether it is +25C or -25C (snow, rain etc.). Median value is probably +10C.

I really really loathe the days when I have to take the car.

Also I am over 40 and only started biking when I was over 35 and quit smoking. I just figured, this was easier than joining a gym. Traffic in my city is not bike friendly either.

On the other hand I do not see myself running this distance daily, that would kill my knees so quick.


Amezarak 27 days ago | link

Do you perhaps live somewhere fairly arid? Even so, I think it's still all about location.

25C is regarded as very pleasant weather here in the southeast US - a nice early spring or late autumn day. :) Humidity is generally in the 80%-90% range when the weather is warm, and from mid spring to mid fall the temperature is generally ranges from 30-35C and sometimes gets up to even 40C.

In that kind of weather even a brisk walk will leave you drenched in sweat and you wear out very quickly because your body can't cool down, since evaporative cooling doesn't work. The temperature alone isn't bad at all - I've spent time in SoCal when it was ~100F - it's the humidity that gets you. Nobody bikes to work here - you'll sometimes see bicyclists on the road but for recreational purposes. I think it would be a fine thing in winter, but my commute is 35 miles of open highway.

So I end up going to the gym and doing a lot of yardwork. I'd like to include something like biking to work in my routine, but it's just not practical for me right now.


sireat 60 days ago | link | parent | on: Dropbox Webhooks

Webhooks or no, Dropbox has already nailed down the core features but the Rice situation is gnawing at me.

I would love to see a canonical list of alternatives to Dropbox, I still have 30GB in free layers(thanks University promotions), but the more I think about it, the less I want to keep using Dropbox.

So some options are to set up your ownCloud at VPS, use Google Drive, or Microsoft Skydrive or something else.

Problem with latter two is that those are not exactly highly ethical choices either.

On the other hand ownCloud fails the grandma test something that Dropbox has been excellent at.

What other options are there?


File this nothing new under the sun,

I know a few people who worked on a startup doing exactly this some 2-3 years ago.

Problem was it would not really scale plus Twitter really limited the free pipe.

There were a lot of hotels interested, but not enough to pay.


On the other hand such products could sustain a lifestyle business with a sort of 1000 True Fans model.

Obviously for a mega corp stocking shelves at a B&M store such niches are not going to be viable, but for e-tailer that should be less of an obstacle.


I just checked on newegg and LTO-4 drives are still over $1,000!

I remember about 20 years ago, it was quite reasonable to use tapes as backup even as a consumer.

If one generation behind would cost less than $500 I would think it would actually capture some of the consumer market.

Otherwise consumers have cloud and BD as backup and that's it.


jlawer 69 days ago | link

The drives are expensive still, largely because the consumer level products no longer exist. Unfortunately a USB hard disk is the closest thing to backup that most consumers will touch. and for these that are serious other technologies tend to take the place.


Only recourse that I have seen work is public shaming on a forum that someone high enough in Google notices (like mcutts).


Interestingly enough I did about 50 problems of PE in Javascript (no libraries except my own custom written helper functions) to see how far I could get. Output was simply writing to the browser.



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