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'Reliving experiences' is part of the Exposure Therapy that is used to treat PTSD. I remember watching on NOVA or some science program how virtual reality was being used to treat veterans suffering from PTSD. By reliving a dangerous situation in the VR world, they are able to 'recompile' the program in a safer context than it actually happened.

EDIT: Found the link http://www.nami.org/Content/NavigationMenu/Top_Story/Using_V...


Try out America's Test Kitchen (http://www.americastestkitchen.com/). I find there way of explaining things very easy to understand.


Completely agree. Remember, PG and team wrote Viaweb in Lisp because that is what they were comfortable with. They got acruired by Yahoo because they had the users and the best product in the market. The fact that it was built in Lisp did not deter Yahoo at all.

Stackoverflow is built on .Net and nobody is questioning that now.

It could turn out to be an advantage that the others keep writing you off as 'destined to doom' because you are on the .Net platform.


Shameless Self Promotion. Here are two version of the LISP interpreter in JavaScript that I wrote:

1. Direct port of Peter Norvig's version in Python:


2. Separate Syntactic Analysis from Execution:



Here is LISP interpreter in Javascript based on Peter Norvig's interpreter in Python. All constructive criticism is welcome!


My advice is this:

1.Find the most accomplished professors in your department and take courses offered by them. Even though your school may not have a big reputation, some professors may have enough clout to recommend you when applying to Google/FB etc.

2.Keep doing Deliberate Practice. Take the hardest courses. Work on your own projects. Contribute to open source projects.


Nice article. This "Black Team" is sighted as an example in the book 'Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams'.


FYI, "sighted" -> "cited".

Indeed, this story is in Peopleware, and it surprises me that I can find no account of the Black Team which has any details other than those I can find in Peopleware. It makes me wonder whether the story is apocryphal.


This link has already been submitted. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1865099


I don't agree that the banks should have been allowed to fail in the heat of the crisis. That would have meant that our access to cash would have stopped.

I certainly get the point that, now that things are stable, the governement needs to haul all these failed bank leaders into a room and make them pay back the bonuses earned leading up to the crisis.


Try looking up the corresponding topics in Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig.

I found reading the two books in parallel very helpful. When I read the SVM chapter in both books in parallel, the whole picture just came together for me. The theory and the implementation side-by-side.



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