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* http://dev.modern.ie/platform/status/opusaudiocodec/

* http://dev.modern.ie/platform/status/vorbisaudiocodec/

* http://dev.modern.ie/platform/status/vp9videocodec/

Really great news. Now only Apple will be a roadblock for wider free codecs usage.

Am I reading that correctly, that VP9 support is further along than the audio codecs? That seems surprising.

Indeed, that's the first time I saw it. Quite unexpected given their past stance.

But I think some legal shifts helped there. Patent trolling cases which tried to attack VPx were repealed (like one from Nokia), so may be MS feels less threatened now (and new CEO helps as well I guess).

VPx also got some good theoretical legal backing like this: http://www.duanemorris.com/memo/VP8Compilation.pdf

So, will Apple support Opus now?

It's a social failure, not a technical one. There are decentralized social networks, but people are stuck in FB with various excuses despite constantly complaining about privacy and other problems.

There are decentralized social networks, but how many of them could actually scale to the size of FB?

Good question, since I don't think it was tested ;) With full decentralization they should be able to scale, but theory should be tested by practice.

Good. Such stuff should never have been patentable to begin with.

Flash is like a staunch zombie - just never dies.

Why not? I hope it will really shine in combination with Vulkan though, not with OpenGL.

Pretty good overview! Thanks for posting.


DRM lobby makes anything it touches a toxic thing. Anti-circumvention laws are based on unethical foundation (i.e. DRM), and anyone who pushes for that garbage should be viewed accordingly.


Is Thor based on similar principles to Daala (i.e. like lapped transforms) to make it useful for merging?

And unrelated question, what will be the name of the merged codec? I hope it won't remain as NetVC, as that name is awful.


According to the spec, Thor is a more traditional block-based codec with quadtree subdivisions in the vein of H.264 and forward.

Beyond that the design is rather conservative and different from Daala's "start over from scratch" methodology. It doesn't look like the two would be poised to merge directly a-la Opus at this point, but rather to be mutual test beds and borrow and exchange unencumbered ideas that work well.


I see, thanks.


So Daala will be fused with Thor like happened with CELT and SILK to create Opus? Does it make sense technically, or they are radically different?



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