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Similar thing happened to me.. went through a very lengthy interview process and successfully passed it where they called me the day after and said that they were going to give me an offer the next day! I was ecstatic.

They then called me the next day and said "oh, yeah -- we aren't going to give you an offer" and wouldnt give me a reason.

The next time, they attempted to recruit me for the same position and I went through several days of phone interviews passing each one. Then I said -- "so you know, I interviewed for this position before and was told I would get an offer, but then didnt" they went back and checked and then said "Yeah we wont be continuing the interview process"

Then it happened a third time! Finally I sent the recruiter an email that said "This is the third time you have attempted to recruit me for this position -- Either offer me the job, with a salaray of X or take me out of your system and stop calling me"

They haven't called me since -- and I still have no idea why I am blacklisted.

You told them to stop calling you.... So they stopped calling you.

I think he means before he told them to stop calling. It seemed like in the second interview after he said, "I already interviewed for this position," they suddenly wanted nothing to do with him for some odd reason.


As for you being a student, I think you're going places... :) I look forward to seeing more stuff you produce in the future.

Thanks! If you have any suggestions as to how I can make this better, let me know! I might try to set-up a front-end for this stuff, so people can actually interact with the point cloud I generated.

Maybe next weekend.

The biggest issue that I had with ECS is that you need to initially create EC2 instances to put into your ECS cluster, using the AMI such that they have the ECS agent on them... BUT you have to prescale that cluster manually thereafter.

In the task definition - it would be MUCH better if you could select the EC2 instance type you want, collect them in an ASG and have the task slicing scale the ASG accordingly.

Right now - you have to manually determine the slice size for each container-to-EC2 and manually scale the ASG.

Further, it was noted that ECS is actually NOT AZ aware and it will spread load over EC2 instances in the pool -- but it wont also balance the tasks across AZs....

So, its a fantastic version one... but these are some resiliency and scaling features that should have already been included.

Nope, we have built a new scheduler for you that will allow placement over multiple AZ's, replace failed containers, allow them to connect to ELB's, etc.

Thanks for responding! Can you say how you deal with the significant latencies over multiple AZs?

Also, would you mind answering my other question about whether or not I can run Marathon or Chronos against ECS since it runs Mesos under the hood?

Can you elaborate on the intra- inter-* latencies your are seeing? for AZ independent services this should single digits.

When I'm balancing a single deployment across multiple AZs (e.g. US-East -> US-West), the latencies between the containers seem far higher than just the 200-300ms predicted by speed of light. Am I doing something wrong?

No mesos under the hood. You can bring mesos as your own scheduler.

Thanks again - this is really helpful. I had talked to someone who had left Amazon but knew the internal workings who said ECS was Mesos just privately branded like Chef -> OpsWorks, but I guess I must have misunderstood.

Thanks for clarifying!

check out hyper.sh, this is the future of public CaaS. After all, you don't need EC2 to host your containers, if you can run them directly with a hypervisor.

Thanks - All my info is from the containerization pop-up you guys held last week in SF... The presenters did not seem to know about this.

I've been using IBM Container Service. They have Docker containers running on bare metal servers with a free tier and a trial account for 30 days. With respect to clusters, you can set up a scalable group with min/max sizes and they'll take care of routing across the containers in the group.

How do they handle the isolation in a multi-tenant environment?

> Right now - you have to manually [...] scale the ASG.

You have to manually scale the AutoScalingGroup, you say? :-)

More seriously, what's the barrier to configuring the ASG to grow and shrink automatically?

Heh, yeah basically you can create an asg, but ecs has no trigger to scale it based on the number of task containers you attempt to launch on the cluster....

There is a workaround, apparently, which is to create a custom metric but aws says this has not been tested to their knowledge... So any asg will be "static" implicitly...

That is definitely inaccurate. We have asgs that scale based on cpu load and custom cloudwatch metrics.

With ecs I can imagine a metric that keeps track of the number of tasks and hosts, or ports used or something. I think asg is the perfect tool to use to auto scale ecs clusters.

Ah, true... you could create custom metrics to trigger on... I was mentioning from the native ECS standpoint...

Also - all my information is only from the one day container session I attended at the pop-up last week... so I am certainly not an SME on ECS.

I really REALLY wanted to use Homejoy -- but only for the folding/ironing of laundry. (I have three kids - so a house of five produces a lot of laundry)

$25/hour with a several hour minimum... Wow - no thanks...

I wonder if this has any thing to do with why amex was so infrequently an available payment option online for so long...

I doubt it. A more probable reason is the higher transaction fee charged by Amex (3.5% compared to 2%).



This isn't Google creating am uber rival, it is quelling competition for the rideshare services that exist for co-commuting.


I was once let go from a company for "just not being a good fit" after landing them a successful contract with bigTechCo here in the bay area and earning them over $1mm in services.

Further, they had showed me that my bonus was going to be over $27K one three separate occasions, then they let me go before having to pay me the bonus because I had to be actually employed there to receive my share of the money earned from me doing 100% of the work.

People should not be able to be fired for "not being a good fit" they should have concrete documented issues on which to fire someone.





It is mildly telling when /r/conspiracy is the largest /r/ upvote rate for such things...



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