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My god, Did you just bring up some memories. In the 90s my buddy Morgan was head of the game lab at Intel. He was a mast of quake, but another factor was that in the 90s broadband was much more scarce. So imagine playing quake on the fastest machines Intel made on the fastest corp network likely available at the time AND being a master of quake. That was Morgan. And he got paid to do it.

I fucking hated playing quake against him. I was ok, but he was amazing. He also would taunt you.

However, my best gaming memories were when we would basically live at Intel for days at a time playing UO across six diff machines simultaneously on that same corp net. No lag. Thanks for triggering that memory.

>"Willingness to sext (and candor to discuss it) is probably just standing in for open and positive views on sex, and/or the presence of a vigorous and passionate sex life."


Candidly; I sext a LOT. It IS a skill such as foreplay... I only mesh well with others who have the same propensity for sexting. Also - I am 40, and those with whom I sext are in my age range +/-5 years...

It is not a young thing by any means. It is also not a new thing.

Purchased... lemme check it out...

Thanks, let me know what you think!

...you cannot go and just copy stuff.

And not to mention thats pretty much the growth model of China's entire economy

I would prefer a service that signs up with major grocery stores to have every receipt emailed to my "recipe as a service" API where it is associated with my personal loyalty card ID, such that whenever I buy anything from, say, Safeway, I get a list of recipes that can be made from the known inventory in my home.

Make the delivery of "what was bought" to the RaaS completely automatic and transparent.

And the 'reverse' - Plan a week of meals from recipes, and the grocery list is generated. Better, have the list items collected, packed, and ready for pickup at the store.

My wife and I have been working on our own startup: https://www.land-of-nosh.com/.

You can plan a week of meals and generate the grocery list (among other things). I (and especially my wife) look forward to the day I can integrate with grocery order and/or delivery services to have groceries ready for pickup or delivered.


I think this is what the upvote button is for ;-)

This used to exist in Gojee, with ingredient tagging. AFAIK they abandoned that feature to focus more on recipes and discoverability.

You got through all of them in an hour?

p.s. go to 'Sur La Table' and get a good sharpening stone for your knives. Also, I prefer 'Global' kitchen knives... but you'd be astounded what some people make if you checkout /r/knives...

yeah, there at most a minute long. Really Nice UI having it stay in full screen switching between the videos. The other thing they did well is having a super short title sequence.

And now I have a new hobby.

Check out /r/throwing too if you're inclined..


The default response to "Stop resisting" should be allowed to be "Stop oppressing me".

Seriously, I am so freaking tired of all police activity in the US - they are actually ruining our country.

I would love for John Oliver to do a piece on "What if all mexicans disappeared in a mexican rapture from the US" -- showing how the entire country would grind to a halt if every mexican vanished. The point being that much of the invisible social mortar on how the US economy functions is work by mexican labor (cleaning, cooking, building, etc).

Compare that to the argument that mexicans are taking jobs/ruining the country... I think the US police force in aggregate does more harm to the nation than do "illegal mexican immigrants".

Further, if all cops were held to the same standards (there should be a national standard of laws and a central, citizen based, "internal affairs" that looks into every police matter, the world would be a better place (TM).

Fuck these guys.

I'd love to see that as well.

Best HN title I have read in a while.

heh - in 1997-1999 I was replacing a novel network on token ring with a new IP net. I had some B2B EDI crap that needed to be scripted to deliver files from us to Sun...

I installed several linux servers and hired a couple contractors I knew to manage the deployment. They setup these linux boxes and consulted supporting them....

I went to one of them on day and said "you guys should just start a consulting company offering linux support!"

A few weeks later, one of my consultants came back and said "Hey guess what! We are starting a linux consulting company!"

I was excited... we talked briefly about me joining them, but that didnt work out...

A little later - they were valued at over $1B!

Those consultants that worked for me on this in 99? Dave Sifry, Art Tide and Chris DiBona.... They founded LinuxCare.

I later met Linus at one of the conferences and chatted with him for a bit, I don't recall him not being friendly though... but that was the only time I met with him.

I cant believe I have not heard of ngrok....

WHERETF have I been???

For historical reasons, it is most popular with Twilio developers. I find it indispensable for doing any sort of development where you need to get asynchronous callbacks from your API of choice.

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