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I like the idea of buying a related domain and donating it to the community as mentioned in another comment. I agree that we as community of hackers should try to figure out how can we help CM who are just a group a volunteers doing great work for the community.


As OP I agree. The title was not sensationalist. I guess moderators changed the link and title. I agree with changing link but not with the present title. The .com domain was my bookmarked domain and usually I will go this domain first before going to any other CM link. As a donor to CM I felt shocked that even the .com Google apps account is now taken down by rogue admin. Usually these accounts were used by users and other developers. All the social media were also linking through this .com email addresses AFAIK.


Yes. I have a SG2 and couple of people in my office has SG3. Let me tell you revolutionary features which my phone (SG2) does not have - eye following tech (staying awake when you are looking at phone), pick to call , automatic photo tagging (face recognition), wireless charging, NFC, techtiles, bigger better screen, bigger battery, best photo (taking 15-20 photos in burst and telling me the best one), pop up play (playing video in small area of screen while I keep using my phone), smart alerts (telling me that if I had existing alert from person I am trying to contact)


Wow! throughout the interview the guy looked extremely confident. It was as if questions were pre decided and he was given time to prepare answer. Like the comment about punishment and not compensation for infringement. The quickness with which they made the decision and haste with which they decided to overlook 'debates' or point of contention is sad. Debate in this case is anyone arguing that patents are not valid. This guy with his immaturity and pre notions have set back tech industry and slowed its growth something on which all tech knowledge workers depend.


> Wow! throughout the interview the guy looked extremely confident.

I'd attribute this to Dunning-Krueger. The guy thinks he was the smartest shit in the room - "I had an aha moment, I explained it to them, I laid it out, I this, I that."


Just installed it. Compared the IOS version and Android version side by side. Some views look really nice on Android as compared to IOS. For example list view for each individual board- I felt that Android version does a better job of showing the relevant content. On IOS the same view has 40% of screen for content rest is covered with options, paddings and bottom bar button.


San Francisco, CA - Android Engineer (Senior, Mid Level and/or Junior)

Doubledutch (doubledutch.me)

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-Envision and build new features that wows the user.

-Use latest and greatest android features like NFC, Text to -Speech and integrate them into app flows


-BS in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or Equivalent Experience ( Can be substituted with 4 year relevant work experience)

-At least one App in Google Play Store available for immediate download and review

-Experience with JSON, XML, JavaScript and interfacing Android applications to server side API's

-Intense interest in becoming an Android expert -Strong understanding of the Android ecosystem


In addition to this, we are looking for Software Engineer , mobile intern , designer.

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We do sponsor H1B's but as of now USCIS H1B quota have expired for this year. We can still transfer existing H1B's.


Common posters..lighten up..this is a start-up trying to be really bold and are making some cool stuff. Isn't that what's a start up is about. For me this post criticizes sprit and innovativeness and hence is a bad one.


With so many variances (I have seen most of them), I just wonder if India was suppose to be like Europe with smaller countries rather then one big country with all these variances.


India was a bunch of smaller countries before John Company came along and conquered it:



Well, that's just not true. India was unified all the way from Afghanistan to Andhra Pradesh for very long periods of time[1]. After the Mughal invasion, pretty much the entire North India was unified under the Mughals. The end of the mughal empire was when things started getting a little fragmented and the East India company was there to take advantage of it playing one king against the other. But to say that India was a bunch of smaller countries all the time is false.

EDIT: Wiki actually has a pretty good summary with pictures and the like. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_India#Early_Middle_K...

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maurya_Dynasty_in_265_BCE....


Depends on what time you are looking at it. India has had several large empires established before. Maurya, Gupta, Mughal, Pala, Maratha. But you are right, India as a nation state came into being as a consequenc of the British raj and yes Europe is not a bad metaphor at all.


This is the common ploy by the English to hide all their doings in the name of doing the 'greater good'.

Mainland India has been largely united throughout many 1000's of years throughout history.


I usually like your illuminating comments about India, but here I think emotion got the better of you. There is no such sinister ploy or conspiracy (English or otherwise) going on here and neither is it unfair to claim that India has existed as many smaller kingdoms in its historical trajectory.


>>There is no such sinister ploy or conspiracy (English or otherwise) going on here and neither is it unfair to claim that India has existed as many smaller kingdoms in its historical trajectory.

I am not claiming it either. But the British didn't come here to unite us and do the 'greater good' as often claimed. Was India made up of smaller states, yes it was.

But you need to study the geographical boundaries of Mainland India throughout history. They extend all the way till Iranian borders. To southern tips of Russia. Afghanistan was once a part of India(Kandhahar was basically Gandhara, Remember the Gandhari from Mahabharatha?).

In this mammoth period of time(lasting several millenniums). India has been ruled by people of varying ethnicity, language, color, culture, heritage etc. Therefore you have so many religions, languages, traditions etc. Sometimes the whole mainland India was united, sometimes it got split.

The difference between British and somebody like Mughals is the difference between. Mohammed Ghazni and Mughals. They are both foreign invaders. But Ghazni came here to loot and go back. Mughals came, captured, and stayed here and contributed a lot. So did many people who ever came to India. Including Aryans, they all came from outside stayed and contributed things back.

Apart from native Dravidians everybody else came to India and stayed here through some form of wars and conquering. But many of those stayed here.

Many looted and went back to their native lands. British just belong to Ghazni kind of invaders who went back.


> Mughals came, captured, and stayed here and contributed a lot

They came as Central Asians (Uzbek?), but stayed on and became Indians.

> British just belong to Ghazni kind of invaders who went back

Yes, but they did stick around for about 200 years. Quite a lot of the British who came to India stayed back and became Indians. With the British it was somewhere between Ghazni and the Mughals.


I would say calm down, no one here is disagreeing with you, or with the history or the geography of India, nor is anyone here claiming the opposite of any of those things that you are worked up about.

You probably read too much into cstross's comments, maybe you didn't, but your comment reads like you are very angry about what he said and are admonishing him/us for getting India's history wrong and giving us a history lesson.


>>Including Aryans, they all came from outside stayed and contributed things back.

Aryan invasion theory is a myth.




Not realy there have been large States that covered a substatial part of what is niow India but never one that covered the entire subcontinent in the way that the Raj did.


Looking at past, i can't say that it won't stand. Software industry will pay price for this mindless patent abuse in worse ways.


This is one of the better explanations I have seen for this patent game. I remember the same thing came up with Google vs. Oracle. In that Google did a near clean implementation (albeit those 9 lines and few test files) of JAVA. I think clean implementations should be made part of Patent proceeding. This won't be applicable to this case but still would go a long long way in stupid idea patents like these.



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