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Much of european hostel scene is full of people wanting to go out and party, most days you'll meet 5-10 new people and have a lot of fun. You can do it for a week to see what's like, I bet you'll be hooked.


k-mcgrady 1 day ago | link

I second this. I'm just back from a short holiday where we spent part of it in a hostel and part in an apartment. The hostel was much more fun. New people from all over Europe arrived everyday. The hostel owner introduced us, suggested we have dinner together and then we all went out for the night. Great way to meet new people and not very awkward either.


SEEKING WORK - Remote (based in the UK)

I'm a web developer and Linux sys. admin. I'm most used to working with PHP, Code Igniter, jQuery, Javascript, Mongo, MySQL, Nginx & Apache.

I've created several projects/startups myself and I'm interested to work with startups in general.

details: https://rythie.com


rythie 24 days ago | link | parent | on: Poetica

It's long since I used Word, probably 10 years or more. I don't even use LibreOffice very often, usually just Google Docs, which is not very good for getting feedback on your writing.


I don't see the comparison to Twitter at all.


Still like a pretty weak statement to me: "at least one software update"

iPhone 3GS users had 4 years and 8 months of updates before they were stopped.

iPhone 4 users have had almost 4 years of updates so far, which is 3 major versions or about 29 updates if you include minor ones.


fpgeek 59 days ago | link

On the other hand, for the launch price of an iPhone you could get 5 Moto Es. Even if they're only supported for a year, that's 5 device-years of updates ;)


rythie 59 days ago | link

Just because the Moto E is cheap doesn't mean that people aren't expecting to keep it for 3-4 years. $129 is still a lot of money to most people in the world - particularly where they are targetting this.


tonylemesmer 59 days ago | link

True. Whilst the updates undoubtedly add features and maintain compatibility they also worsen the overall experience. iPhone 4 is atrocious on iOS 7.


Interesting stuff, I created an App for Moves called CleverGeo (https://clevergeo.com), I'd love to hear any more thoughts on things that you find interesting from the Moves data. My email is clevergeo@rythie.com if you want to help.


I do this all the time, even though I actually have an account. I don't like the process where I search google and then have to login to see the result I searched for.


stack exchange = solve my problem

quora = help me procrastinate


flurdy 63 days ago | link

stack exchange = solve my problem, help others, feel good.

quora = find question, ask to log in to fb, close window.


Most of this software is being replaced with web-based solutions - which makes using non-Windows OS more paletable than ever for admin style tasks.


GroupOn is trying to solve a two-sided problem.

1. Businesses need more customers

2. Customers want cheaper stuff

I'm just not sure that linking the two solves either problem. You've got cheapskates taking up deals and never coming back.


zenbowman 74 days ago | link

Don't see why it is cheap to take a deal. I'm not a coupon addict, but my wife is one. Since she discovered Groupon she refuses to buy anything not on sale. I think its pretty smart, I'd do the same but it takes too much time and dedication to shop that way.


pbhjpbhj 74 days ago | link

>Since she discovered Groupon she refuses to buy anything not on sale. //

I can't recall the exact figures but the way Groupon's deal worked when they pitched me was a definite loss-maker. Groupon took their portion, the customer was required to get a massive headliner discount to make the deal look attractive. Effectively Groupon's proposition was for us to swallow a big loss to send them revenue.

I like a bargain but if the "bargain" means that a third party profits whilst I get to help send local businesses under then I can't take that offer. Sure for some types of business Groupon can work but they don't [didn't] only target those businesses.

Demanding unsustainable prices is "cheap" because it's not a proper saving. You end up paying for [your share of] the social welfare payments for the people that go out of business and the businesses no longer exist to serve you.



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