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I appreciate your feedback and totally agree with you on the 50 users thing. I will have to think about how to change the wording on it. It is the question I get most!



There's a pretty decent-sized market for it, made up of:

-High schools

-Middle schools



-Public access TV stations

-Independent production companies



Some of our current clients include:



-San Diego State University.

We have a fair amount of competition, but they are all targeting larger operations. We are the only company that's tailored to smaller operations that just need basic features like creating rundowns, timing shows, managing scripts, and integrating with teleprompters.


Wow, impressive list. How did you go about acquiring those customers, or did they come to you? How are people finding your site in general (schools, etc). I'll pass your site onto the media class at my school!


Thanks. Most came to us, but I did approach one or two of them.

I certainly appreciate the referral!


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