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On macOS, I’m happily using Meta for Mac (€25) to edit music metadata tags of individual files: https://www.nightbirdsevolve.com/meta/ .

I still store most of my music in iTunes (renamed to Music in later macOS versions). I’m also happy with the tag editing of iTunes, especially after installing some custom tag-editing AppleScripts from https://dougscripts.com/itunes/index.php and modifying some of those scripts.

However, I am rethinking storing all my music in iTunes given that it can’t play Opus or FLAC files (last I checked) and it makes loud glitchy sounds when it plays an MP3 file whose sample rate is 32k instead of 44.1k. I’ve already had to give up on storing all my music files in the iTunes folder now that my entire music library doesn’t fit on my laptop’s storage. Thus, I have been using Meta more.

Edit: I see another commenter also mentioned Meta and Music.app: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=40471849

That’s not an “other” gateway path… it’s an example of the same path described in the post you replied to.

What is an MSP?

Good point, but I think Crichton’s original example still makes some sense. One’s choice of newspaper could affect the trustworthiness of articles by multiple journalists:

• Some articles may be edited by the same editor. If you see inaccuracies in an article by one journalist, you may worry that the editor is bad at fact-checking.

• Even if every article is edited by a different editor, if the newspaper’s work environment is rushed such that editors are told not to spend more than two minutes thinking about accuracy, it might have more inaccuracies than a newspaper that allows more fact-checking time. (In other words, newspapers have their own publication standards.)

• Newspapers set standards for what journalists to hire and retain. A newspaper that keeps paying for articles by a journalist who have been known to make mistakes is more likely to not care about mistakes they know of by their other journalists.

Bringing this analogy back to LLMs: if you see one LLM make mistakes, you should be suspicious of the accuracy of a competing LLM to the extent that the competing LLM has similar “journalism” and “publication standards”.

For reference, `git log --topo-order` docs: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-log#Documentation/git-log.txt--...

Thanks. This slower-paced video is more precisely explained and more visually comprehensible than the Rachael Ray video linked in another comment.

Just like lelanthra currently applies custom CSS `body { max-width: 38rem; }` to this page, if the page had that maximum width set by default, you would equally have the ability to apply the CSS `body { max-width: unset; }` to the page. So you would not be denied the option of longer lines.

This page from 2023-07-12 says OBS can capture audio of individual windows in Windows 10 and up: https://obsproject.com/kb/application-audio-capture-guide

Oh, nice, thank you! That is pretty recent, so I missed it when I setup my stuff a year ago, but that'll teach me to read the patch notes in the future :)

Both are wrong. tcmb didn’t use ‚comma-apostrophe’ – they opened with , U+201A SINGLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK (not U+002C COMMA) and closed with ‘ U+2018 LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK (otherwise known as an open single quotation mark).

This matches the German convention described on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quotation_mark#German.

Sorry I was quoting nsxwolf. But now that you point it out, I can see the difference. It's subtle so I'll copy paste so others can see.

tcmb: ‚usename‘

nsxwolf: ,comma-backtick`

stavros: ‚comma-apostrophe‘

godelski: ,comma-apostrophe'

Though while copy pasting I see tcmb and stavros as having the same character which is different from the longer character you pasted. Seems my clipboard doesn't like that character. I also seem to have crashed OSX's emoji and symbol tray. No longer pops up if I press the button (bottom left) or select from firefox but got it back by opening safari.

Fuck man, I do not envy you people working on ligatures. Or timezones. I'm always impressed by these random rabbitholes and complexities in things that always look very simple. It's beautiful in a weird way.

Wow this is like the most HN thread I've ever seen, I love it! It's almost like a punctuation version of "Who's on first?"

Everybody's arguing, then finally all is revealed, and I learned a ton of stuff along the way about German quotation marks and the subtle difference between backticks and opening curly quotes, and low quotation marks and commas, in the Verdana font!

(If this had been a serif font with actual curly quotes the differences would have been much more obvious...)

This submission from 10 hours later has comments: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39187294

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