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WC-level stadiums are not the same thing as normal stadiums, i.e. a stadium for 20k people is not ok. They are planning to build 9 and expand 3, and they are actually going to dismantle part of them after they are used. Wikipedia has some stuff[0][1].

[0] " Local organizers are planning to build 9 new stadiums and expand 3 existing stadiums for this event." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatar#Football

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatar_2022_FIFA_World_Cup_bid#P...

I believe there is too much homogeneity among cultures using the same fonts (i.e. latin alphabet) that there isn't going to be such a case.

For example, hand-writing-like fonts are used in comics both in US style, european and south american stuff; newspapers and books have been printed with serif fonts since about forever; international brands look the same; MS Office/windows has provide everyone with the same fonts for decades.

wasn't freebsd using perforce at some point?

some developers still do


well, it's "not expected to" (we won't ask you about at the exam) rather than "expected not to" (this is too difficult for you feeble minds) :)

sadly, Varoufakis combines alternative policy views with a personality a bit too over the lines.

I think a more "traditional looking" minister might have produced more results, as Greece work seems to suffer from his "big personality".

On the other hand, this[0] wouldn't exist without him.

[0] the funniest video on an economic minster I've ever seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afl9WFGJE0M

I believe that's why they replaced him at the negotiations with the lenders.

if it's normal for you to drive around without worrying about smog limiting your visibility, than probably it's not as bad as old London[0]

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Smog

> I've seen estimates that say one pack of cigarretes per day equals about one cup of tar in the lungs.

over what period?

Over a year. Thanks for pointing that out! I edited my post.

Black Mirror is outstanding, but all episodes I've seen have been so _intense_ that it takes a while for me to shake off the feelings of unease.

It takes time to develop a taste for the dystopian short story. I imagine the way I feel about dystopian shorts is akin to how trained palettes appreciate a complex wine.

I read through Animal Farm in seventh grade and it was the first time I experienced the feeling of having read an excellent book that was simultaneously emotionally disturbing. It was confusing, though I knew that my distress was the author's intent. I spent the following summer reading novels like 1984 and Fahrenheit 459. Dystopian sci-fi quickly became my favorite genre.

The short story form also creates unease, as the form is known for it's lack of resolution (or happy endings). They typically cut off right after the climax without any resolving action. I didn't really GET this about short stories until college. Now it's my favorite form of writing.

Combine the dystopian fiction and the short story form (as in Black Mirror), and it's a pretty potent punch in the gut.

which is in fact "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools", in the agile manifesto. Really the manifesto is absolutely sensible.


It is, but tool vendors joined the party and talked to C-level people...



> When asked, "How could you possibly have done the first interactive graphics program, the first non-procedural programming language, the first object oriented software system, all in one year?" Ivan [0] replied: "Well, I didn't know it was hard."

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Sutherland


Or to quote Beyer's Grace Hopper and the invention of the information age:

>Common sense would dictate that the most experienced programmers should have been assigned to these difficult tasks, but, as Hopper glibly explained, young people did not know that they were supposed to fail.


They're not hard. They're things we'd expect a solid CS student grok in one year.

He just happened to be the first to grok them. Question is how he came to face those problems without any apparent precedent.



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