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I recommend the following:

1. Check out Jennifer Dewalt's project 180 websites in 180 days - http://jenniferdewalt.com

2. Free Code Camp is quite good (but the focus is more on coding rather than design) - http://www.freecodecamp.com

3. Nathan Barry's books are great - http://nathanbarry.com/books

4. [Plug] - I'm starting a new site for online courses and need beta testers for some HTML and CSS courses which go from scratch to pro level. Happy to give your friend early access for free - http://learnetto.com

Cool project I came across via this tweet:


"Frustrated by poor internet access, local communities in the rural north of England are finding an answer in Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN). This unique project, built and owned by the community, is on a mission to provide a future proof fibre optic network to all homes, however remote. This short film sees Lancashire communities coming together and digging through all weathers to bring this vital utility to the hardest to reach areas."

The B4RN website - http://b4rn.org.uk/

Hi John, mind sharing an invitation?

I have no shame... I would love an invite if you're not exhausted already.

Best of luck with this thing you're building. I haven't been excited about any tech stuff in ages. This is really cool.

Send an email to the address in my profile. I have some invites left.

If there's any left, kind sir.

Sent to email in your profile.

hi, could you please send me an invite if you have some left ? many thanks !

no email in your profile...

Email in profile, would like an invite as well... Edit: no longer necessary, got one through twitter

I'd take an invite as well if anyone sees this, thx :) edit: Email in profile

Would also love an invite, thanks!

Hey! Any invites left? (Email in profile)

Got it :)

i would also like an invite please. [myusername] @ gmail.com

insert checkmark

Thanks bro. Appreciated it.

ah, just added it. may you please ? thank you !

Just sent you one. Have a nice weekend,.

Am I too late to ask for an invite as well?

I'd really appreciate an invite, too.

you have no email in your profile

oh, whoops, I thought I had it in there. I did get an invite, though, so no need to worry.

I'd also love to check it out :)

Sent you one :)

Love an Invite! Really looks slick :D

I'd love an invite too!

(email in profile)

I didn't see an email. If you still need an invite, shoot me an email.

I also would love an invite

Your email address is not in your profile.

Could I get an invite too? I really love the premise of this project! Thanks

One more please?

no email in your profile

Hi, also would love an invite, thanks! (email in profile)

Jumping on the invite begging train (email in profile)

Sent you one.

Love to get on the invite train too (Email in profile)

Would love an invite please. Thank you.

Same here. Would love an alpha invite.

Thank you!

Me too please?

I would love an invite too (email in profile)

I was going to send you one, but... I can't find your email in your profile.

weird, it's in my profile. anyway, here it is dida1337 at yahoo.com

That email isn't public, I think. In any case, you should have one now.

Hi John, I also would love to test it out! https://keybase.io/flaviotsf

Thank you so much and congratulations on the release!

Another shameless request from me if any are floating around :) Happy Friday!

if you'd still like an invite, what's your email address? hi@peterood.com

I'm out of invites now

I have one invite left (for some reason I never got more than ten invites). Drop me an e-mail. First come, first served ;).


Shameless request from me as well. Thanks!

here's another shameless coder begging for an invitation

If anyone else wants an invite, I have a few left: email in profile.

All my invites are gone, sorry (and wow! did a lot of people email; there's a huge demand for Keybase)

I'd love an invite please (email in profile)

if you'd still like an invite, what's your email? hi@peterood.com

Jeroen, thanks so much for taking the time to give such detailed feedback. Much appreciated.

1. Started doing intermittent fasting. Of all the fat loss things I've tried, this has been the easiest to stick to. Will post about my experience in a couple of weeks.

2. Started running regularly - 3 days per week. If anyone is looking to get into running I can't recommend the NHS Couch to 5k plan enough.

3. Launched the private beta for my new online learning marketplace - http://learnetto.com and got featured on Betalist.

Pretty excited about February!

Awesome, much respect to you.

Clickable link - http://learnetto.com

I'm building a new online learning site and this is one piece of feedback I have received a lot. So I'm working on multiple formats, including text, audio and video. Our first course on Rubymotion is entirely in text and will be launching soon.

Please check it out if you are interested - http://learnetto.com. Also feel free to email me with any comments and feedback - hrishimittal@gmail.com


Can you please get the designer of this playbook and ycombinator.com to redesign HN too?


Oh my god please yes. HN is terrible to use on mobile. Look:

.votearrow { transform: scale(2,2); margin-right: 10px; }

I just improved usability on the site by like 100% for mobile users. In two lines of code. HN, please get on it.


It's pretty, but it also warms up my laptop with 20% CPU usage. Everything is tradeoffs.


And Craigslist. And ReadMe.io.


facebook just redeisgned craigslist for them...lol.


but Craigslist's anachronistic static-HTML feel is so charming...


And RFCs.


That's the definition of business.


I would have to disagree with that as a blanket statement.

Plenty of "successful" businesses use other means besides added value to extract rents from customers.

Robert Reich has recently written very eloquently and convincingly about how multi-national corps are using all sorts non-value producing economics to increase bottom lines at our expenses.

For example, Americans pay more for pharmaceuticals than do the citizens of any other developed nation.

That’s partly because it’s perfectly legal in the U.S. (but not in most other nations) for the makers of branded drugs to pay the makers of generic drugs to delay introducing cheaper unbranded equivalents, after patents on the brands have expired.

This costs you and me an estimated $3.5 billion a year – a hidden upward redistribution of our incomes to Pfizer, Merck, and other big proprietary drug companies, their executives, and major shareholders.[1]

[1] http://robertreich.org/post/132363519655


You'd be surprised how many people are looking for a shortcut where they can exploit value built by others.



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