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So the reason .net feels antiquated is purely a function of the other people who use it. That sounds like something a Ruby programmer would say. ;)

It's mainly what its used for, if you want to make pretty graphs and keep track of materials at your factory maybe you pull out .net if you want to do something interesting you use pretty much anything else. I know tons of people make a living with it, but I don't understand the passion for the language.

Nearly all Unity games are made entirely with C#. (There is a proprietary UnityScript you can use, but AFAIK nobody uses it.) Not all C# is .NET...

It's a programming language that expresses logic. The interesting-ness of the domain is not related. You can solve any kind of interesting or uninteresting problem in any non-trivial language.

without the hassle? I've never experienced the hassle gradient favoring javascript in that regard. Here's one difference. `objects.Sum(x => x.Width)` is C#. Javascript is... `objects.map(function(x) { return x.Width; }).???`

What about returning a dynamic object? You see a method returning "object" (unless it's yours) you immediately starts to feel awkward (should I cast it to something?).

Or what if I want to check if a property exists in a dynamic object? Catch the exception? Use the ExpandoObject? Will this affect performance?

What about local delegates?

And I just won't start with reflection. Have you seem those snippets on SO? Now compare the same with JavaScript.

Don't get me wrong, I've been developing in C# for some good years in a row and I really like the language. C# traditional OO way of doing things kinda gets you by the hand when design your application. JavaScript is more on your shoulders. It's a tradeoff, you have to be more careful but you also have more power.

If you're writing idiomatic c#, using dynamic objects is rarely (never) the right thing to do. The reason dynamic exists is mostly for interop with other languages or environments.

What about local delegates? Func<int, int> localDelegate = x => x + 1;

You don't need to use reflection as often in c# as you would in javascript.

Exactly. You can do it, but it doesn't feel right.

And furthermore, you have less reason to do it in the first place.

I find more and more uses for C#'s reflection all the time. I have a project that is built almost 100% on it. Tagging things with attributes, reflecting over them, slicing and dicing all of the available data in all kinds of different ways.

I can't imagine trying to do such a thing in JS, which provides so little information about exactly what I'm reflecting over. And it's so clunky. Some things you can typeof, some you have to instanceOf, such that you basically end up doing both all the time.

With JS, I know that I have a bag full of things named something. I have to do my own work from there to find out if they are methods or properties or fields. In C#, I can just ask it to give me all of the properties. Oh, but stick to just the public ones. Or skip any that have an attribute named "Exclude" tagged to them.

Yeah, I have no idea what people are talking about that JS is better for reflection. That's just bonkers.

Nope. I took a generous counter-offer over a year ago. I've only increased in critical responsibilities since then.

This can be a double edge sword. you enjoy your new responsibilities? good for you. not everybody wants to get more and more on their shoulders until the point of realizing that there ins't much time for that little thing called life. Also, most people who get promoted/raised around me end up working much more compared to raise they've been given.

Personal experience - in every single work I've done (roughly 10 customers/employers, perm+consultant) in 3 different countries, there was/is always room to grab more responsibility, more tasks etc. State of IT usually just a variation of a term MESS, with some technical debt here and there, everywhere. You work harder, solve more, take more responsibility and your career progresses along (or you go to place where it does faster).

But with this might also come 9-10 hours at work instead of 8 (plus lunch), company phone which is there just to remind you of the work when you're not in, maybe more weekends screwed up and so on. Even in otherwise very work/life balance oriented employers.

Want another advice? When having a formal talk with your boss, tell him you want a raise, but you don't want it for free, rather bringing added value. Define clear terms what is expected from you to get there, fulfill them and watch the magic happen :)

Yes, I got the extra responsibilities I asked for. I don't have a company phone. Everything is actually good.

"Poor maintenance workers" are probably paid by the hour, and do this kind of work regularly.

Furthermore, there was really no reason it ever had to be washed or painted.

Does anyone know whether the Xbox version is ok?

I've spent more time learning git than I have spent learning all other VCS combined, of which there have been at least a few in my history. My mastery of git is significantly less than that of any other VCS I've used. Less powerful VCS are easier to use, and that can be a feature.

> After removing all of these, we're left with 16,771 of our original 32,768 packages

What, I thought you said there were 157,000 packages?


> Of those, here's 32,768 of npm's most downloaded packages.

It's on “Registry Growth”. Pressing next 4 times from the beginning.


Thanks, I didn't see that.

> Pressing next 4 times from the beginning.

Behold! Resource identification under glorious web 9.0


The warp drive is definitely a brand new effect.


I never noticed there was a new one. I'm seeing the screenshots in the linked article, but my chrome has never worked like that.


I never saw it in mine either and it had been fully updated. Maybe it was only on a certain OS?


Are you offering a job?


You won't know until you submit the solution.


I'm only interested in jobs that are known to exist.



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