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oh No, they sold Bandcamp... According to Jason Schreier https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1707416234461909487

I always advise people to at least have a backup spot to send people to even if they don't maintain their own website, and I take my own advice. I expected something like this, so I've been dropping every album into an item in my Ko-fi shop: https://ko-fi.com/s/7e9f22c63b

Ko-fi is 25GB for free and 200GB for paid accounts, so most things will fit. I'll probably cross-post it to Patreon's new shop feature in the near future just to be safe.

edit: and confirmation


That's a bit disappointing. As a user I just want Bandcamp to be owned by someone who gets it and leaves it alone. As far as I could tell, Epic barely touched Bandcamp. I'm unfamiliar with Songtradr but they have more incentive to integrate the core product into their services as they're in the industry and a smaller company (more need to make the acquisition work for them.) I hope it goes well.

I'm somewhat hopeful about the synergies here. Giving musicians an easy path to monetize their catalog, as well as market their availability to be commissioned by brands, is a good thing... especially when artists are being dually hammered by Spotify's deci-cents-per-stream industry baseline and live music promoters' anticompetitive behavior.

That said, there are ways Songtradr could abuse their new position of trust. I hope they're smart enough not to do that, but I also hope that an archival project for free downloads on long-inactive Bandcamp accounts is underway...

Self-reply: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=37696171 makes me less hopeful that they're operating in good faith...

Interesting. I didn’t know about the union aspect and regardless, not retaining staff is a great way to stop understanding what’s important to preserve.

Hopefully they don't mess it up too badly. Bandcamp is the only way for a Linux user not in the US to get non-DRM music these days :(.

Are Junodownload, Boomkat, Bleep, Qobuz, etc. available in your country?

Some of them seem to be, so that is one alternative (though they don’t have the genres I listen to). Qobuz is only available for streaming

Try https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ Tons of free sample libraries

I would think this would be a better link. Its pilot's own words too https://jpcvanheijst.com/blogs/2017/07/596970-rocket-launch-...

Agreed, and the other articles there also make excellent reading. The avationist blog does add content, though, notably a photo taken from the ground by a Chinese blogger of the same event.

There's this link in the "pilots own words" post: http://liuqiankktt.blog.163.com/blog/static/1212642112017624... (scroll down for ground photos, appears to be the source for the photo in the aviationist post)

There is a longer PDF linked below this article with more detailed information[1].

Wasn't sure what would be the better link. The PDF or Summary.


Choosing a favourite guitarist is like trying to decide between a favourite wine. So many choices but to me he has always been one of my favourites.

It hard to explain why exactly I, as a guitarist enjoy listening to his music. His heartfelt singing was warming but truthfully it the lady in his life. "Lucille". That's the name of his guitar. With her, he had this amazing tone. Its unbelievable. The way he made Lucille sing. This voice he gave her or she gave him just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I listen to the pair of them.

People talk about legacy and he has an amazing one. It's true he has Inspired so many.

But don't be sad today, be happy for the man and the extraordinary life and legacy we celebrate which will continue to live on through his music.

PS I recommend the albums Deuces Wild and Riding with the King for your listening today.

I say Live at the Regal, hands down.. Then Live in Cook Cook County Jail. It's difficult to find a better live album than that.

Those are the two I've been spinning all day today. His best work IMO.

Yeah its the two that most other blues artists relate to..

I'd add "Live and Well" and "Indianola Mississippi Seeds" (even though purists hate the latter, I think it's a great album).

His tone is what gets me too. I saw an interview with him on YouTube a few days ago with something that actually really surprised me. When he's on tour outside the US he doesn't bring an amplifier. He plays whatever the venue provides (usually, but not always, a Fender Twin Reverb). He also said he doesn't spend time setting it up. He controls the tone entirely from the guitar.

Interesting! I found the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0mAQdTsVp0

That's it!

The thrill is gone...

RIP B.B., you'll be surely missed.


Excellent choice there. If you want to know what they mean by "tone" when talking about guitar, listen to that...

Reading https://www.openssl.org/~bodo/ssl-poodle.pdf may also be helpful if you want to fully understand this exploit.

The post on DO's blog maybe be more informative: https://www.digitalocean.com/company/blog/coreos-now-availab...

Another one is predicting price rises and optimal time to sell Magic the Gathering cards before rotation. Its like the stockmarket only unregulated Gambling. People, do invest in these cards and flip them. Not for the faint of heart but people love to buy into dreams...

We could call it Magic the Gathering Online eXchange! Sounds totally good.

My friend and I kinda do this. We started 8-10 years ago when we were in high school. We pooled ~10k together to buy legacy staples. Since then we've bought some cards, but very minimal compared to legacy cards.

We aim for the cards that will be useful post-rotation as many card sale sites do an okay job estimating release price. Also, we mostly played legacy.

Snapcaster for instance was ~$25-30 on release (although some places sold it for as low as 15). Then it was ~20-30 for a while until it saw a lot of legacy play and jumped up. It is currently 30-35. ROI probably similar to an index fund.

Tarmogoyf was probably our biggest 'buy' since our legacy staples. We didn't buy that many (5 play sets). And sold as soon as the price hit $100-120. This we risked due to rumors of 'modern'.

Force of Will, a legacy staple for a long time. 8 years ago we paid ~$10-15 per FoW. Now they're going for ~$90. The S&P is up ~70%, FoW is up ~566%. We bought 20 play sets (80 cards) for roughly $1000.

We're still holding many of our original collection. But, sold off enough to get our original $10k back. At this point the price keeps going up, many cards fall out of circulation (destroyed/lost/etc). The only "risk" is reprints.

One issue is unloading many cards. With stocks I can create a sell order and sell it for roughly asking price. Whether I'm selling $100 of shares or $100k of shares it will go through instantly. With magic it isn't hard to deal with ~500 cards or so. But, once you scale up it is a full time job. If we bought $10k worth of FoW vs $1k we'd have 800 FoW to try and sell at some point. This would take a long time.

You either pay SCG prices to get cards quick. Or you use ebay for a 10-20% discount. But, takes longer and no guaranteed sale.

As far as logistics we each put in roughly 5k and split the original buy cards evenly. Since then our collections have fluxed. He bought/sold a Black Lotus at one point, I never did. He bought individual power 9 cards and sold a 'power 9 set' (5-10% markup) a few times. I was more passive.

As for the scaling up part, you could hire a student (or even a responsible high school kid) to do the buying part for you.

A friend of mine was a full time magic trader, and he hired a kid to sift through mountains of commons that he bought in bulk.

A specialst book store or lending library or archive in hard to find new and seconhand books. For some subjects, amazon and its secondhand book site Abe books (?) sucks if you delve into narrow neiches. They are enthuaists out there who crave a book which will teach them something. These books are published in areas which may not be as commercial as they once were.

The neiches are small. One for example is model engineering and related subjects. Books with plans, drawings etc. Construction methods.

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