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I use Get TJ Alerts's [1] search tool and search for jobs that have my preferred tech stack, have comp info and contact info. Then I send a personal email with a video intro.

[1]: https://gettjalerts.com/

- Antifragile

- Masters of Doom

- Atomic Habits

- How to Read a Book

- Books by Austin Kleon

I'm sure i'll remember more, but these were the ones that popped into my head. I'm trying to switch it up a little and start reading older books and get hooked so that I'm can reread those.

Sorry for the offtopicness:

I can't reply to the emails you've been sending because the replies keep bouncing. Can you try emailing hn@ycombinator.com from a different address?

I've been enjoying Boox Palma. Very nice form factor! And Readwise Reader works great on it.

I second this. The phone format really makes me pick it up more.

This is so awesome :heart_eyes:!!

Direct outreach is definitely the way.

I built a tool to find a lot of the recent job openings online and put them into a database. You can create an alert to notify yourself of jobs using your tech stack and message directly. It's free, checkout it out: https://gettjalerts.com/

If it is a job you really want, then you need a cover letter a email intro and a video intro of yourself, that will increase your chances 10 fold!

you should submit it to https://builtwithdjango.com!

Ah, good idea! I will do, thanks :-)

HN's Who is Hiring is always a great place to look at! I built a small site that gets all the posts from it (as well as some other places) and puts into a searchable db.

It's free, you can check out here: https://gettjalerts.com/

You can even create an email alert to get notified of any new positions that require your skillset.

Love it. Super easy to self host and use. Now I have a personal Google!

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