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I would have specced the Pro version for a server. It's not much more expensive than the EVO but it's more reliable and faster.

Algebraists were way ahead of the curve: look at the properties of an object with respect to an operation.

i.e. integers are commutive under addition and multiplication but not under subtraction or division.


> the priority is how things _work_

I really wish that they would apply this to iTunes and with their power/USB cables.

They've done a good job with OSX - F3, F4 and the multi-window support all work really well. Multi-windowing is an especially big improvement over windows.

But there are easily 10 x as many iTunes users as OSX users so they should really do something about it.


I've never understood why iTunes is the way that it is, except that was already available on Windows, so it seemed like a good vector for devices. It really is a jumbled bag now though, and seems to go through significant UI changes every release for no good reason (hearts? stars? iTunes has them both!)

OS X used to have a separate syncing application, iSync, for PDAs that was simple and generally worked. I was dusappointed when the moved everything into iTunes (really, calendar and photo setting in my music player?)

What is the concern with USB and power? I really like lightning and MagSafe.


The lack of stress relief which means that the cables break very quickly. It's a well known design defect in Apple products.

I'm very careful with my technology but I'm already on me 2nd MBP power supply and my wife is on her 3rd USB cable for her iPad. This all in 18 months.


Uh, there is strain relief. On every cable. You're probably doing what everyone does, which is to wind that cable on the power supply as tightly as you can around the charger, which is going to eventually break the cable. Instead, make a small loop where the cable begins, then wrap gently. It will last essentially forever.

And no. This isn't a "well known design defect". In fact, Apple's cables are inevitably designed and manufactured better than competitors'. Have you even seen the awful mess that passes for PC power supplies lately? At all? Well, I have, since I administer about 200 Macs and around 75 PCs. I can tell you that there is no comparison in design or quality.


I have a MBP from 2008 with the original t-shaped magsafe power cord, and its still in perfect working order. Maybe you're harder on you're harder on your power cables than you're giving yourself credit for.


> We have access to hundred of millions of medical records

They're not anonymized?

When I'm asked to provide data to medical researchers it also has to be anonymized.


I've been working in this sector for a year and this certainly aligns with everything that I've seen so far.

Luckily some vendors are starting to take security very seriously (by hiring people like me, for example).


I'm British so my natural pronunciation would be very close to the third example.

However I've watched enough 30 Rock to know that the correct pronunciation is a slow "deeeTROIT".


Coming from the UK it amazes me that the vast majority of family houses have a small footprint but are high. Our house has 3 stories + a small loft.

The new houses being built have 4 stories. Footprints are around 13x6.

In the UK in a similar town the footprint is easily twice that but the actual livable space is often less.


My next startup is going to be a digital payments provider which takes the headache out of VAT compliance for EU SMEs.


Fastspring already does this, and thank god they do, I really don't want to deal with the vat moss bullshit


Daycare should really receive government subsidy - the extra income tax they earn can be used to cover the gap.

In The Netherlands we have a 33/33/33 model - parents pay 33% of the costs, the state pays 33% and the parent's employers pay 33% (which is an extra charge split over all workers).

In recent years they've tweaked the model: parents with 2 x modal income pay 100% of the costs (and their employers also pay 33%). Only the lowest incomes hit 33/33/33.

For the 2nd+ children the subsidy is much higher for all income groups.

We send our son to daycare for 2 days a week, costing ~700 EUR/month. My wife works 36hrs (4x9) and I work 40hrs (4x9,1x4 at home). Grandma/pa do one day (the other grandparents live in the UK). I really like this mix - he gets 4/days week of parents, 2/days a week playing with other kids and 1 day of being spoilt by grandparents.


Cymbals are the biggest tell for compressed music. Even with crappy speakers they sound very strange.


SiruisXM satellite radio is probably the worst offender. Makes music unlistenable to me.

Even 128Kbps MP3s render cymbals better.



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