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Thunder Extra Strong is a snus with no flavor and a high nicotine count.

Just passing it along since I tried 5-10 brands before settling on Thunder. To each their own.


Agree. The blog post spews a lot of hatred for a resource that is meant to "help" people.


Looks like it has the Matrix of Leadership in its chest, just like Optimus Prime.


Agreed. Excel bashing often comes from web developers who lack real business experience in a gritty production environment.

Belittling Excel is an effective way to burnish one's programming credentials.

I know many languages (Flex, Html, PHP, JS, C# etc). Excel and VBA have their place, especially for very rapid app development.

Web apps are perfect for trapping data. However, output is best handled in Excel. The first thing people ask when getting a report is "How can I get this into Excel?". People like to play with their numbers.


I can understand the outrage these displaced people feel. Especially for the hard working lower class.

It is not displacement for a public works project. It is pure class displacement with a rub-it-in-their-face quality about it.


Great job. Surprised at the amount of negativity for an app that is meant to help people.

This is one of those disruptor-style apps that pierces the veil of an industry and brings professional level tools to the masses.

I sat up from my chair after seeing this and said "wow". Have not done that for an app in a long time.


Great PBS documentary of him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQC1lOZpsjQ


ActionScript 3.0 is what JavaScript should be. Actual classes, typed variables, and a platform that works the same in every browser.

Contrarian view but I see flash improving its lead on html. Adobe doesn’t have to deal with a bureaucratic standards body and can act decisively when making platform changes. Ex: I’d like to see MS, Mozilla, IE, Chrome, Apple, Opera all agree to implement similar features in Flash 11 (and work the same in each browser). Then I’d like to see them agree on new feature sets when Flash 12, 13, 14 come out etc.

I just don’t see how five browser vendors can equal the agility of one flash vendor. Too much red tape in the html congress…

Yes, Flash is proprietary and it doesn’t work well for mobile. All I can say is that I’ve been burned one too many times by IE not showing CSS table borders on empty cells (last time I checked IE8 still requires that damned ampersand in each cell!). I’m fed up with browser incompatibility. All of the JavaScript frameworks (and now with Google making Dart) confirm that JavaScript is inherently outdated and broken. I gave up on html for Flex and am not looking back.

Just my humble opinion…


Google Docs has a competing product to almost every MS Office component. OneNote is a staple to the MS Office family. I'd really like to know why Google deprecated Notebook. It was a great product.


A little more shoeleather would serve TC well.



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