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Another missing sorting option that blows my mind is sorting issue tags.

I find it hard to quickly search Issues tags when they are in no specific order. I would settle for letting me drag them in an order I want rather than order they were created.


Agreed. Two things that I know are out of date:

No SteamOS (Based off Debian)

Backtrack was rebuilt and is now Kali

I'm sure there is other stuff.


This looks awesome. Really excited about Vagrant Cloud. Wish it had the option to sign in with Github but still looking forward to it.

Great work Vagrant Community and HashiCorp Team!


pearkes 38 days ago | link

Thanks! We look forward to integrating GitHub – there's a ton of cool stuff that can be done, as it's very common that a box maintainer has Packer templates, configuration management scripts and so forth there.

We didn't go the OAuth route primarily because we need to enable `vagrant login` locally, and for that it's useful to have a login/password combination, authentication tokens. I couldn't think of a workflow that makes this as easy for a user.


This is really awesome. Now if only Carriers/Manufactures would update Android phones as quickly.


cdr 87 days ago | link

Carriers and manufacturers have no incentive to deliver a good experience on Android phones past the first few months. It's a high three digits dollar device at best with a profit margin probably in the double digits, and customers don't care enough to reward carriers for doing it.


pwelch 91 days ago | link | parent | on: Happy 25th Tcl

TCL was/is included in Cisco routers for scripting. So some other companies get it.


bch 91 days ago | link

...and F5 load balancers, and A10 load balancers, and Tealeaf network monitoring, and helping animate battling orcs in Lord of the Rings trilogy, manages NBCs control room, runs astrological equipment, was involved with Mars Pathfinder programme, has excellent testing facilities (at the core of dejagnu (used for testing GCC, among other things)), and on, and on, and on.


I feel like a pessimist but this what it sounds like during these types of announcements.


They can get elaborate. I haven't used them yet but this site looks like a useful tool http://phishme.com/


Another casual Office Snapshots visitor. Also, wanted to say thanks for keeping it updated. Always an interesting read.


Squaremouth - Rails Developer - Remote or Office Based (IN or FL)

Squaremouth is looking for an experienced Rails developer to improve the fastest growing travel insurance comparison site in the U.S.

The right developer could work remotely or from either of our offices in Fort Wayne, IN or St. Petersburg, FL.

We foster a collaborative learning environment and share all the important duties that keep our site going.

For more information check out http://www.squaremouth.com/careers.


How does Docker fit in with Ruby version management software?


matthewmacleod 171 days ago | link

It removes the question of version management altogether by isolating an app's environment. Not too shabby an idea, especially now that Vagrant is available.


regularfry 170 days ago | link

Bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut, though. A useful tool nonetheless.


tzaman 171 days ago | link

Simple, each ruby version sits in it's own container



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