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If you are at all interested in constructing these timeline focused thought experiments I highly recommend "microscope" an RPG by Ben Robbins.



likely a 100k gen bot gone sentient, learned Russian.


Not wholly true, for example game designer Luke Crane is in the assembly with a copy of his game book "Burning Wheel Gold" cracked open.


As did I. Hang on there, as the second series was commissioned July of this year.


This might be indicative of where my head is at on this lovely day, but I was anticipating this to be some sort of webcam pointed skyward pareidolia project.


Steven Skiena was one of the most enlightening professors I've had the pleasure to be lectured at during my education at SUNY Stony Brook.

It is worth mentioning that further within this link he has posted video lectures from 1997 and 2007, along with audio and presentation slides:

(Analysis of Algorithms Course):


(Programming Challenges Course):



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