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For me, life at work is really important. I want to enjoy my time at the office, and that includes socialising while working (where appropriate) - talking about the music we're playing, sharing work problems, complaining about being hungry, etc. I'd find it too stagnant and boring otherwise. My desk jobs (all web stuff) have been:

  - open room of around 15 people, bit of chit-chat but mostly quiet
  - small area of 3-4, disparate types so very quiet
  - large divided room of 10, pretty raucous, very fun, lots of trash talking
  - small area, quiet, mostly alone
  - room of 4-5, very social
  - room of 3-4, we barely shut up all day while working; put headphones on if you want to concentrate
I'd hate to have a room to myself all day. If I want a stretch like that, I come in early or work later than others.

I was thinking about this idea the other day, but it paid out at a higher frequency (hourly or daily). And there was a companion app that simulated cents trickling into your pocket based on your hourly rate.

Optimism is still here. It's just not very evenly distributed.

EDIT: The more I contemplate this, the more silly it sounds. A trap of nostalgia (for a time I wasn't even born in!).


Yeah true.

The world really is wonderful, yet I always get the impression that science was much more respected in the past than it is today and that the general populace thought space exploration was a worthy endeavor.

I get the impression that we live in a less scientifically literate society.

Still, I never did live through that time and my impression might be based on rose-coloured romanticism. As an example, I got the impression the whole world was united by the moon landing, countless people in many countries glued to their television sets in awe and wonder. Yet today we have people that seriously argue the moon landings never happened.

Does anyone catalogue best practice for these sorts of functions anywhere?

OWASP is a pretty good resource: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Forgot_Password_Cheat_Sheet

For anyone who doesn't recognise the term and is too lazy to click through, WFH = working from home.

I said in a previous thread that police should make it a point of pride to be able to ignore irritated or verbally abusive people. Just play it straight and robotically to slowly calm people down. I believe a lot of police actually do this already, but is there on-going training to keep the rest on track?

There are times when that's effective so I don't like blanket criticism of it, but this is not one of those cases where it works at all.

I was one of the founding members of evolt.org, which came about after members of Wired's (?) Monkeyjunkies mailing list grew frustrated with the maintainer's disinterest in the community.

For all its organisational flaws evolt.org was a really supportive place to learn and share in many of my formative professional years. It's been a long time since I was last formally involved, but I've stayed in touch with a few of the other founding members and visited some overseas (in Scotland, India, Chile, the US).

As noted on the page, the browser archive was the work of Adrian Roselli who lives up near Buffalo, NY I think. From memory, he started collecting them without any real plan to keep them online. However, with time so many of them were lost from their original hosting spots and so the archive was brought online.

What are our chances of getting, as a common thing, a physical space like the concept that influenced Elysium? As long as we're about value for money and efficiency, I can't see productive space like growing areas ever looking so clean and designed.

That concept transitions from growing beds to lake and so on beautifully. In reality, between a current manicured golf course and a public road or residential area, we often have razor wire fences catching garbage blown around by the wind, we have dog-at-dog strips full of weeds, etc.

We will, it just might not happen for thousands of years.

Once we have the ability to freeze our bodies in stasis to wake at intervals and check progress, time taken to travel huge distances may become meaningless. Set probe for x light years away, program the alarm for arrival. Of course, communication with anyone not travelling with you becomes a bit meaningless.

Obviously a huge deal of progress to be made in terms of energy and replication, maintenance, etc.

We're a bunch of stupid animals on average, but I wouldn't bet against the best of us making this sort of thing happen eventually. "Never" is a very definite thing to say!

>Once we have the ability to freeze our bodies in stasis to wake at intervals and check progress

A better approach is to send self-building/self-replicating droids, with human DNA or hard-drive saved consciousness. Let AI deal with the hazards of navigating interstellar space and building up a colony before 'birthing' humans. No freezing necessary (just a waste of resources)

10,000 years is long time in a freezer. I throw even hamburger away after a year or so.

The only way I see it happening is a multi-generational trip. Or sending some raw material with instructions and a platform to reconstruct DNA and grow out some embryos. Or we modify ourselves genetically to the point it isn't the current hominid species making the trip.

Unless of course we find some sort of shortcut through space time. But it's all far fetched science fiction of course.

Your freezer isn't that cold and doesn't freeze all that quickly.

Raw material sent for construction is more likely, but I do like the idea of an individual being frozen enabling them to live almost as long as they wish and travel almost any distance.


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