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We're talking SF-centric startup culture here. It's not enough to actually change the world for the better. You need to make millions of dollars and be 'changing the world' by disrupting some kind of market segment nobody actually cares about, and be some kind of Randian uberwhatever, otherwise you're a piece of shit

> 80,000 Hours is part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, a registered charity in England and Wales, Registered Charity Number 1149828 Centre for Effective Altruism, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Littlegate House, St Ebbes Street, Oxford OX1 1PT, UK.

An English charity recommending people joing the English civil service is pretty far away from SF Startup culture.

Millions of dollars seem like pretty good evidence that someone cares.

This bothered me. There's enough of these people. Society needs disruptive change in order to save the planet, feed the hungry, end homelessness, end the slave trade, etc.

I was looking for something along these lines.

You could use a think tank or econ phd position to research policies with potential for disruptive change. We also recommend startups highly. What paths do you think we should look into more?

edit: I get what the organisation is trying to do now. Just doing the survey put me off a bit though, even once I read through other parts of the site. IMO there's a lot of hand waving and not enough hard info - particularly keeping in mind the target audience is students - on exactly what sort of social impact each role has. To me it looked like the site was just saying hey... you can become a researcher at a think tank... then doesn't solve the main problem for students, as they still have no idea how that contributes to society in a meaningful way as they aren't presented with any concrete examples.

I do think that more career paths should be featured. The main one that comes to mind is education. I'll note that think tanks have been harping on about it for years with little progress. The attitude towards it in the US is bizarre; people from overseas are shocked when they find out how little money teachers are paid and even more so how teachers are looked down upon as a result. Hence the average quality of teachers is lower compared to other countries and the impacts on society are subtle and widespread. Having police in schools seems completely insane to outsiders.

Becoming a teacher would make a small difference. Convincing talented graduates to enter the field and transform it would make a larger difference. I strongly recommend including some professions that may not be sexy or lucrative, but have the potential to make a difference.

Ok, thanks for taking the time to read through.

I agree another big part of the equation is what causes to focus on. We have separate content on that but it needs a lot of work:


You need to read this -


The hungry are being fed without disruptive change. The world currently has the lowest poverty rates in all of human history.

Me too. Maybe our skill-set isn't best suited for these problems?

To be fair, you're talking about an agency that provably intercepted deliveries of Cisco hardware and installed backdoors in them.

I don't think it's particularly far fetched.

> To be fair, you're talking about an agency that provably intercepted deliveries of Cisco hardware and installed backdoors in them.

I'm unsurprised, but do you have a link for that? I'd like to read more about it.


More here https://www.google.com/search?q=intercept+cisco+routers&ie=u...


HN submission from 440 days ago:


Some people just don't have this concept in their DNA..


The article seems to portray the area as insular and pretty homogenous, is that the case?

I'd hate to live and work in an area where everyone was doing pretty much the same thing with their lives. Would be weird.. and probably unstimulating.


Could not disagree more. You get people from all walks of life, half due to tourism and half due to the residents and workers of the area. It just so happens that only a couple blocks from where the author speaks of is the highest concentration of law firms in the Las Vegas area. So you're got homeless people, service industry people, lawyers, startup guys, and tourists of all walks of life all mingling in the same area.

In fact, since Downtown/Fremont is by all measures a cheaper tourism area than The Strip, the diversity even in all the people just hanging out patronizing the businesses, hotels, and restaurants in the area is much higher than your typical tourist area.

I have no complaints. On any given walk from work to lunch in Downtown/Fremont, I can rub shoulders with poverty, the upper class, and everything in between. Half the people are on vacation and love to talk to you, the other half are people who winded up there in the first place specifically BECAUSE they're most likely from a unique mindset compared to most other Americans.

If you're looking for consistency and seeing the same thing day in and day out, Downtown LV is not the place.


IMO, corporate censorship is a far more common occurrence and most likely has greater effects on society. I too wish there was more scrutiny. EFF seems to largely deal with legal matters though. Possibly there should be a sister organisation to the EFF, or maybe they should extend their mission. I dunno.


True, regarding JS.

Web workers will not show a loader indicator however. You could probably do a nice DDoS attack like this even. But it requires users to be on your site anyway. Might as well just stick 0day du jour on it.


You might also have parasites :3


Mousewheel support might make this more accessible to people who don't quite get the swiping thing on desktop platforms..


Agreed, also, differentiating between "touch" and "mouse" events would be a good idea, using a mouse or touchpad for this was kind of a weird experience.

Not to mention supporting left-right arrow key binding.

That said, if this was for a mobile-only interface (Apache Cordova, or similar) might not be so bad. Didn't look to see the implementation details, but Angular, React and Bootstrap compatible versions of this as components would be awesome.


>but still bad for the "free market".

Yet another case whereby a natural consequence of a free market is "bad" for the free market.

In reality it's only bad for the consumer, and certainly not the businesses.


And that second case really annoys me, but I'd still rather not take the alternative to a free market, which is that idiots and douchebags decide what's good for me, and leave me with even less choice.



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