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sincere question:

How do you think about this evolution of our abilities within the the dark forest theory?

I think we should openly admit

1. that organizations leverage and abuse these breaks

2. that its possible for layoffs to not impact the new teams and buildings pretty easily

3. that a single bad quarter shouldn't lead to layoffs esp from a company that literally is the poster child for not tanking share price when facing losses

Its weird to have this subtext or joke that AOC wouldn't understand business cycles. She's not the first or last politician to try and spend money on lasting change.

The core land use conflict is: do only a tiny number of -- rich people -- get to the use the land, or does the land belong to all

Your comment honestly sounds like you personally feel attacked. Money has been shown to be moving a lot of hawaii's policy, purchases from the california .1% are well documented. The benighted souls are not who you suggest them to be.

What is wealth, other than having something that lots of other people want?

I don't feel personally attacked, but I do have strong priors that we should try to make society work for as many people as possible, and also that land was created by none, and must be mediated for the benefit of all.

I did not suggest that any particular set of people are the benighted ones, and honestly I'm not sure who you think I thought they were.

Built a beautiful experience focused on serving a completely underserved community.

Won a patent for UX that solved a dicey problem which hadn't been addressed until that point and would impact any user under 18.

Won an accessibility award for design heuristics that hewed to the cutting edge of accessibility not just 'this website works for colorblind users'

The site was destroyed by internal politics. Assigned a URL that made it unmarketable (think... domain.com/projects/projectnamemarketplace) and flailed for 2 years before being sunsetted with nearly no users.

and to further you point, AUS and Brooklyn definitely have something in common: - childcare that is too expensive

Honestly, pretty spot on.

Love the last two lines especially.

I would suggest just two changes: - when possible, build a narrative with numbers. Change or progress or adoption week over week as a percentage. Not only are the people reading likely smarter and busier than you, there's nothing easier to share with someone outside the effort than a short line that has numbers.

- If someone sent me an update at random times (2-3 weeks, rather than every tuesday) this would lead to me asking them every tues. Send the update, use something very office / dad joke to break up the monotony

I'm off to share this great post with a few earlier tenure team members!

It is a continuing trend to push arbitration.

Go to the dentist? Sign an arbitration clause. Don't sign it? Can't see that dentist (I went to four)

Bid on a house! Somewhere between 2020 and 2024 they've added an arbitration clause to the template here in CA.

This is slightly different because you owned the hardware but only slightly.

Source: https://www.nclc.org/study-99-of-consumers-unaware-they-are-...

https://www.consumeradvocates.org/for-consumers/arbitration/ Consumers cannot sue for negligence, defective products, or scams. Just by buying a product or service, consumers can lose their right to hold a company accountable. Even if a retirement account disappears, a home is dangerous and defective, or a loved one suffers harm in a nursing home, a forced arbitration clause means there is no right to take the company responsible to court.

Arbitration is a private system without a judge, jury, or a right to an appeal. Arbitrators aren't required to take the law and legal precedent into account in making their decisions. There is no appeal or public review of decisions to ensure the arbitrator got it right.

Stanford B school on why its bad for consumers: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/why-binding-arbitratio...

And the Supreme Court even struck down California's law banning forced arbitration.

dentistry is one of those specialty that private equity is gobbling up.

This is such a helpful insight and a good reminder to always read multiple sources

I think it is greyer than this.

Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover, distasteful as they are, I believe acted in what they would claim is good faith. The issue isn't that someone is a bad actor. It is that they believe they are a good actor and are busy stripping away others' rights in their pursuit.

Very nearly everybody -- even bad people -- consider themselves one of the "good guys".

Maybe in their minds they thought the end justified the means, but there's no way anyone, even themselves, mistakes those means for good faith.

Sure. the question was whether AI will continue to enable mass spying and making the affordability of mass spying a tool humans rely on.

They will. It will. We will see that erosion.

Honestly I generally agree with you. I dont even want my kid to have a phone but now that I have a child I am worried about them being able to call me if there is some kind of: - natural disaster - school shooting - third type of personal issue where the school doesn't share what happened

Growing up I do not remember my parents having these fears despite there being a bomb scare (once during my schooling).

80s/90s kid here..

I remember my car breaking down and needing to walk to a rest area, to use a pay phone to call for help.

That and using pay phones generally as a convenience when I would bike miles into town, well that isn’t really available anymore.

I’ve had to knock on a door to ask a stranger to use their phone.

I’ve had to ask a store to use their phone.

A lot of this seems so strange now, like I cannot picture myself needing to rely on strangers and stores!

I read this as your peace of mind being more important than maintaining a schooling environment conducive to education. We need to protect kids, not expect our kids to protect us, which is what expecting them to be able to contact you during school is, protecting you from anxiety. This seems incredibly selfish, but not out of line for a society so incredibly narcissistic as that of American Millenials.


Thank you riverflows. I needed that.

1. Unintentional injuries account for 30% of all deaths of teenagers

2. Within that, suicide and homicide are the top two causes

3. Pretty sure its biological not narcissism that makes me want to make sure my progeny are safe esp when in a space that continually seems to be failing children and coming up with such mindbending solutions as more guns in schools

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