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Apparently some think that the root password to the US Constitution is "4daChildr3n"


What sane woman would get into tech, when being a lawyer or MBA is so much more lucrative?


>What sane woman would get into tech, when being a lawyer or MBA is so much more lucrative?

I would assume that a rational woman would go into tech for the same reason a man would; because those jobs depend on social skills in a way the tech jobs do not.

I mean, this is changing, some; there are a lot of unemployed lawyers right now, but yeah; the set of people who could be both a good programmer and a good MBA? yeah... uh, that's a small (and very well-paid) set of people. (I mean, sure, most good businesspeople can and probably should learn a little bit of programming... just like most programmers should learn a little business. But for most of us? we can only be really good at one or the other.)

Most of us? we're lopsided. We were born with traits that make it easier to succeed in one are than the other and/or we've been putting effort into one area rather than the other for most of our lives.

This is true of most of the nerds I know, male and female. If you are good at everything? yeah, you get to write your own very expensive ticket. But most of us? well, we chose to focus on one or the other, or we don't and we end up being well-rounded but mediocre.

The thing about this? we make this decision before we are old enough to understand the implications. If you are in college before you decide you want to work with computers, well, I've already spent half my life up to that time practicing. I mean, if you are that much better than me (and really hard working) you can catch up, but I've got a hell of a lead.

This is my personal pet theory to explain the difference in interest; from an early age, boys are taught that they will be valued, mostly, based on what they can do; what they can make happen. I knew that if I could make myself useful, there would be a place for me, society would value me, even if nobody really liked me very much on a personal level, even if I was ugly or unpleasant to be around. Now, I wasn't a girl, so I don't know, but my impression is that this isn't what little girls are taught.

(Now, obviously, I have limited perspective here. This is just what I observe in myself, and what I observe in my peers of both genders. Most nerds seem socially... a little bit broken. It seems to get better with age, but man, the socially optimized have a hell of a head start. I'm sure there are many other factors, but this is how I personally rationalized the decision to become a nerd.)


Maybe in 1996. MBA and lawyers are now in oversupply, have high debt load, family unfriendly hours, flat salaries since 2007 and nobody is hiring.


"[Company] is looking to grow our team with energetic software engineers ready to take on the hardest challenges of their career. Day-to-day responsibilities include challenging and interesting work on algorithms, databases, web technologies, human-computer interaction, scalability and systems architecture."

This position sounds stimulating. Perhaps some ladies are also motivated to pursue careers more for passion than profit?


For example, any woman who has some priorities aside money, and who doesn't enjoy those careers.

Money is the main reason why we need jobs, but that doesn't mean that a job's only purpose is to earn the maximum amount of money.


When Michael Lewis wrote Liar's Poker he was shocked over the number of people who contacted him, asking for advice on how to get into investment banking.


I read Liar's Poker, and the above article.

I probably wouldn't like the environment at such bank. But yet, making U$ 20.000 a year, a million dollars is the stuff of dreams - 50 years at my current salary.

The freaking lottery here in Uruguay doesn't give a million dollars !! (the current Cinco de Oro pool is U$ 125.000)

PD: Yes, I'm quitting as soon as I get something else that pays the bills. I neglected to stay up to date in tech and am struggling to get a good job on the open market.


I am embarassed to say I spent many hours with Pop-Pop when I should have been doing something else! http://www.ambrosiasw.com/games/pop-pop/


You are aware, that the first slave owner in Virginia, who went to court over his slave, was a black man, right?


How does that change anything I wrote? White slaveholders held white slaves in ancient Rome but it would have been justified to kill them all as well, too.


Immediate compensation could be to allow "face value plus 5%" of the medallion to be used to pay any local/city taxes, with say 7 or 10 years given to use the credit.

The IRS rules http://www.irs.gov/publications/p535/ch08.html state you have to amortize/depreciate the license over 15 years (180 months). So, any licenses that are 16 or more years old, have already been written off in full, so, a lesser amount would be needed to compensate the owners.


Bureaucracy's main purpose is to create more bureaucracy.

As a side effect, they collect taxes or issue you your driver's license, it is just a means to the end of self-perpetuation.

Eliminating the income tax and going to a much more transparent method like higher fuel taxes (everyone pays them because everyone uses transportation) or some other broadly based consumption tax, would be excellent.



There is a reason why most reasonable people don't actually seriously consider implementing such tax schemes.

I know it's hard for people with good lives and great salaries to understand why, but please ask the people who clean your desks next time you see them what would happen to him/her, if fuel was taxed higher.


Be quiet... don't give them any ideas. Next I will have to declare "Nerf Gun Friday afternoon" benefits on my tax return ...


Weird prediction: some 22 year old is reading a bunch of these now. He/she will enter the foreign service of his/her respective country and become a great career diplomat as a result.


OpenVZ gives you a container as they call it, which looks like its very own Linux OS. You can login to it, install packages with the package manager, etc. All processes you run, e.g. Apache/PHP, plus MySQL , run in this VM. PHP and MySQL would communicate over a Unix local socket, same as on non-virtualized Linux OS.

Docker appears to run each process, in isolation. So you would have 2 isolated processes (Apache/PHP, plus MySQL) which can only talk to each other over a local network pipe (which should be quite fast with minimal overhead).

(this is my understanding).



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