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From the title, I thought there might be something insightful about the importance and difficulty of maintaining concentration when working with the large, complex, abstract and mostly invisible structures that software consists of.

Instead it was just another riff on "we're doing it wrong"...


Perhaps you may have missed this HN post, which may interest you more:



Putting 'for Mac OS X/iOS' in title would be nice


I'm guessing it would package up Rhino and use that on Android.


Has anyone who's seen the actual code comment?

From what I understood on the video, this is going to be distributed via a repo that is essentially already an iOS or Android template?

There wasn't much talk about the compilation process. Maybe the details (for the open source version) haven't been ironed out?



    git clone git://github.com/feature-expressions/clojurescript
    cd clojurescript/feature-macros-demo
    make deps
    make demo


Add some immutable data and sweet.js macros and you've nearly got ClojureScript!



Text reflow was/is a killer feature of the original Android browser (which cyanogenmod still uses, fortunately).

Reading the HN front page is a PITA without it.


Hear, hear. I long for the day that lein and cljs tooling can replace bower/npm/grunt/gulp entirely. And I came to Clojure(Script) from JS, not Java, still have no clue what maven or pom.XML even means, but lein obviates all of that.

The main criticism I'd make, and this is something the boot (http://boot-clj.com) guys have mentioned (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CodeGenerationIsaDesignSmell), is that we are getting pretty dependent on code generation with lein templates, and they are getting increasingly larger and more complex just to handle our base scenarios (dev/prod builds, REPL, live reload). Maybe this is unavoidable, or not really an issue... I don't know.



Besides being a prolific coder, he's a great writer with a knack for bridging the academic and the practical.

What's more, the Clojure community has a great number of similarly education-minded and highly talented and effective programmers.


Exactly. I am as big a Canonical fan as they come, but the UX for Ubuntu One was so bad it bordered on unusable.

One time I needed to make something around 5 GB publicly available, and since Dropbox's free plan was too small, I used Ubuntu One.

Only after two days' worth of painful, oft-restarted uploading did I discover they require logging in to access publicly available files.

This is a mercy killing.



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