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The Dart VM is really good/optimized for SIMD from the beggining, and its jitted, maybe another option for you.

If you are using Luajit you can game the typesystem, by using the FFI interface, making math much more performant by using the FFI C interface. I think i would go through that route first

Well they are experimenting with LLVM, as a backend for CIL.. So maybe this is a sign that they will not open source their VC++ backend and instead go with this LLILC [1] project for the AOT compilation target?

1 - https://github.com/dotnet/llilc

So in the beginnings of time it was /dev/null, but /dev/null felt so empty and lonely; so he created init... but init was envied by his brother systemd, that killed him..


Careful. This story is plagued with daemons and forks.


And Rust are almost-always mentioned in threads about Go :)


in Chromium now, there´s GN to auto-generate only ninja files.. unlike GYP that can generate for several backends like CMake


I' ve compiled this in FreeBSD also.. no problem

Now it just need to parse the FreeBSD stdio.h correctly..


Lets see after you try a big project in Rust, if you come back with the same appreciation.

Most of the times i think is a overburden, I know people like Haskellers like to suffer and are masochistic coders, and may like this, but i dont.. already have to deal with C++, and Rust did achieve the impossible.. Its even more over-enginnered than C++, and its not even faster


IME, us "masochists" suffer much less in the end. We "suffer" a few seconds here and there when we get a compiler warning, forcing us to think edge cases through.

Then, later, we suffer much less through runtime debugging, QA, and get a lot less calls at 2AM.


You mean a large project like Servo, or large project like Rust compiler itself?


> Its even more over-enginnered than C++,

Can you explain more about what you mean by 'over-engineered' here?

> and its not even faster

We are faster sometimes, and we haven't even put time into optimizing things. We're also slower sometimes.


I think you should replace 'time' with 'a lot of time'. I've seen several commits that optimize things.


Just use Go with C or Assembly when its needed, no big deal


You could do the same with Python, but it would be a stretch to call Python a systems language...


If you are using C or C++, it probably means you cant use those you have pointed out.

People can port Python and Ruby stuff to Go for instance and have advantages doing it, because the logic was already suited for managed languages.

But for C and C++ stuff is unlikely.. and for Rust the other possible option.. its kind of a productivity killer compared to C (even with the headers nonsense).

Its always a matter of tradeoff, and its not a casuality that C are alive and kicking til this day.. the language really has its strenghts.. and while every new lang in town claim they are the next C killer, well, in real life is much harder to make such a claim, and its not just because of the "old code that has to be maintained".

I know you are a security focused person, but security and safety is not the only one reason we choose a language to start a new project.

So until a really strong contender shows up (i particularly dont think Rust is it, but im sure there is a golden niche for it), they will still be with us, til we brake the current computation paradigm and algol and lisp langs doesnt make sense


Using the uglier to say that something ugly is not that ugly, is using logic in a dishonest and misleading way



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