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exit() is worst: in winForm, it's generally better to catch the exception on top level and show a MsgBox to the user without crashing. The user understand that his current action has failed, but he do not lost its input.


also: let our direction arrow visible while playing (or draw a small car), It will be easier to predict our trajectory.


Look great! I wanted to see more on the calendar it self, but I have not found the demo link on the main page. IMO, you should add a presentation of your calendar without requiring to create an account.


(and also: add a link from your blog to your product)


What about going work in a farm (something like fruit picking) to be sure to be busy with something different, and to feel physically (instead of mentally) exhausted at the end of your day.


Or a snapchat utilities. Since the servers do not save contents, it can be a nice broadcast-and-forget network backbone.


That's impressive. Unfortunately the source* of theses number is not very clear on how many items has been sold and if people buy by unit or by pack. I would love to see more tests result like that.



Agreed too. Here my user experience with the presentation.

Once I've understand it was a new language (cool name btw), I've look for the Hello-world example to see if the language was easy enough for me. I've found the link after reading the HN comment: http://tutorial.ponylang.org/getting-started/helloworld/

Then, I've quickly read the part on concurrent programming. But I've not understood how it is easier with Pony. It's very frustrating. So far, my understanding is there is class (called actor) that can discuss together by sending each other immutable object. I would like to see some code in the tutorial that show how concurrency is easily done in Pony.


After correction:

100 iterations give best_x = -1.76, best_y = 2.91, best_out = -5.15

10,000,000 iterations (less than 1 sec CPU) give best_x = 16,657, best_y = 16,662, best_out = 277,541,583



Don't forget the steam queue. It use prediction to show games that correspond to your taste. It's not very accurate, but it allow to show new games on each iteration. You do not waste your time on the always same top 100 games. It allow to discover some strange or underated titles .


I was also hoping a free hosting for my week-end projects. It would allow me to try the service, and maybe, become an evangelist inside my company.

Currently, while there is a free issue management in GitHub or BitBucket, these systems are too light. JIRA would have been great, but there is no way I pay when I do hobbit projects. IMO, a good way to do that is to be free for project with less than 3 users. Or have the first 3 users free, once the project team grows, there is no more choice than to pay :)



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