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expected when hosted with wordpress:

   $ dig techcrunch.com NS


   techcrunch.com.		14400	IN	NS	ns1.wordpress.com.
   techcrunch.com.		14400	IN	NS	ns3.wordpress.com.
   techcrunch.com.		14400	IN	NS	ns2.wordpress.com.


this is really beautiful. makes me realize how much I miss skiing and traveling. the setting changes really make this stand out. well done!


Video: we're fixing email because people send too much of it

Blog Post: email inbox@google.com to try it.

..I got a good chuckle.


Big congrats to Peter, Raphel and the whole team! A solid service and solves a real problem that developers go through every time they start a new project & update their existing ones. Excited to see what you come up with next.


I get this complaint all the time and it's getting old. What's clear to developers is usually not to the user, that the combination of device + hardware + os makes developing "an Android version" a royal pain in the app store.


Happy Flurry user since '11. Not all reports need to be realtime, in fact most don't. Their event tracking is solid and the reports are great for getting info at a glance. Doesn't hurt to use multiple, but I've always been content with Flurry's suite.



causes, geek things, a few pictures of my kids.



last sentence.


second to last sentence


Nothing but great things to say about Keen.

I first found them when testing services via Segment.io and after spending a morning digesting the docs I realized it's what I needed for my company (at the time) to build a simple and scalable tracking/reporting API with. They reached out shortly after, and discussed my needs, offered help modeling the data layer with us and worked out an enterprise deal, the legal, etc. I realized early on they like working the hard challenges and helping us was fun for them.

For side projects as well as my current venture, I use them for tracking near everything, and the simple charting right in their interface makes it pretty easy to make quick decisions and break down the data.

I collect about 4mm events a month these days for my most successful project, and their APIs are still super fast and require zero up-keep from my end.

Congrats to Ryan & Nick over there for the success!


But do you blend?



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