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But could today's programmer even learn COBOL?



> by selling the IPO at 4x of what it should have been priced, Zuck showed that he is a brilliant CEO

Keep telling yourself that.


Growing company?



From the article:

"The danger, Ritholtz said, is that the drooping stock price could tag the company itself with a "stink of failure" that could make advertisers less willing to use Facebook."


polyfractal 610 days ago | link

This is such crap.

I don't decide where to spend my advertising dollars based on the company's stock price. I do a trial run and see if the CTR and conversions come under my customer lifetime value. If it does, then I pump more money into the ads. No where does stock value come into the equation.

I couldn't care less if the company is dieing - as long as I'm gaining more money (in terms of LTV of new customers) for less money than I'm spending on ads, it's a win to my business.

If the company goes belly up...well I just move my advertising budget somewhere else.


"Decisions made by interns" = probably why FB is constantly raping user privacy. I hope.





reverend_gonzo 618 days ago | link

What's your point?

That shows that volume increased. Which means higher competition between market makers resulting in smaller bid-ask spreads and higher liquidity, meaning the market can correct itself much faster.


nlz1 618 days ago | link

You're naive or outright lying if you think that all HFT firms are simply doing what earlier generations of traders did, just "faster."



geocities.com sites are still there???


Wohlf 619 days ago | link

Exactly what I was thinking. It must be a graveyard of autoplaying music, hit counters and flashing graphics.


TazeTSchnitzel 619 days ago | link

I thought Yahoo took it down a while ago?


warmwaffles 619 days ago | link

came here to say this. The article was good, but geocities?


jwz said the same thing: http://www.jwz.org/blog/2011/11/watch-a-vc-use-my-name-to-se...

> What is true is that for a VC's business model to work, it's necessary for you to give up your life in order for him to become richer.

Let's get a movement going here.


nlz1 645 days ago | link | parent | on: The Crazy World of Code

Just use mod_perl. Duh!


Excellent use of icon art on http://jodd.org/

Why do we need another Java framework?



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