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All I can say is wow! This probe refuses to die. Despite being built with almost 50 year old technology. Amazing engineering by the people that designed and built it. Even more amazing is the people that continue to debug software problems from 2 light days distance.

> from 2 light days distance

The distance is currently 22.5 light hours (and increases by half-hour per year.) But it is indeed about 2 days of round-trip time for debugging.

Just 10 years ago, bi-pedal humanoid robots could barely walk untethered. If they could, like the Honda robot - even then they had limited mobility. So this is quite the progress. But yeah, it will be interesting to see if they can do mundane chores that require very little effort by humans.

Throwing more compute at MPPI controllers has been oddly successful, it'll just get more accurate over time with increasing samples on ever faster hardware.

Does it need 32-bit windows? Can't it run in compatibility mode in standard 64-bit windows 11?

It needs NTVDM/VM86 (the 16-bit wrapper in WoW) to run DOS code. Since Microsoft didn't want to code up an emulator (you can't run 16-bit code natively in long mode) to support 80s/early 90s code, it was just dropped with the 64-bit transition.

64-bit windows cannot run 16-bit code.

VM86 mode is not available when in 64-bit long mode either (though it could be used via virtualization).


The WAG-D20 is no longer supported/works if you're on AT&T. At least according to the discussion on dslreports and also 8311 discord server.


Also, even Baltic networks has a warning about using it with AT&T.


The new working ONT is the WAS-110.

> The WAG-D20 is no longer supported/works if you're on AT&T. At least according to the discussion on dslreports and also 8311 discord server.

The WAG-D20 is basically not recommended generally due to chipset bugs on newer revs and reduced speeds, nothing specifically with AT&T, though the VEIP issue is a specific sticking point.


The Baltic link you provided also is not limited to AT&T, and that is more a disclaimer because they are probably sick of return attempts by people with just enough to knowledge to find a cite for WAG-D20 but otherwise clueless. I doubt they want to encourage any residential customers for any model regardless if it works.

The WAG-D20 still works ok for existing setups.

thanks for the clarification. Do you know if WAG-D20 chip issues have been resolved? Back when i had first looked into replacing the BGW-320 505 with my own ONT setup, the WAG-D20 instructions I found were straightforward. The newer setup process with ONT like the WAS-110 seem to be a bit more complicated to me.

You probably need to examine your Pfsense settings carefully. I'm running OPNsense with the BGW320 , with Unbound setup as the resolver. No issues.

There are people that have successfully added their own ONT setup to by-pass AT&T awful BGW-320 500/505 gateways. But it seems that its an uphill battle. dslreports.com has an entire thread dedicated to this.

I myself looked into it and realized as much as I'd like to have true bridge mode, it just wasn't worth the headache if AT&T made a change on their end. So I have BGW-320 configured for passthrough mode and an OPNSense box behind it. With Unbound recursive DNS resolver and Pihole - I fortunately don't have the problems as described in the github writeup

H1b program itself needs to be overhauled. It's entirely possible this might get addressed with change in the presidential administration starting next January 19th.

Yep. There are also browser extensions that will allow pausing pihole blocking temporarily.

or simply these URLs:

Disable URL : http://<pihole ip address or hostname>/admin/api.php?disable&auth=[your pihole password]

Enable URL : http://<pihole ip address or hostname>/admin/api.php?enable&auth=[your pihole password]

Disable for [X] Seconds: http://<pihole ip address or hostname>/admin/api.php?disable=[X]&auth=[your pihole password]

I use both Pihole and ublock. While ublock is fine for desktop browser , pihole is useful for mobile devices, as well as blocking access for devices and apps that tend to be chatty with data it sends out. For example - I unfortunately bought a few Eufy security cams long before it was found that Eufy was sending user data out to its AWS instance. It was easy to block that access via AWS in Pihole. Of course, it doesn't always work. I've found some devices absolutely need to call home before they'll function.

This is wild. Is this the first time such a fly by between two orbiting probes been captured on camera?

No. The Mars Global Surveyor took a picture of the Mars Odyssey spacecraft in 2005. https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA07941

Closer to home, this is done somewhat often. https://www.twz.com/check-out-these-images-of-a-satellite-in...

Also, recently South Korea's orbiter got shots of Apollo 11 and 17 landing sites:


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