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Really cool Anil! I can see this dramatically reducing the time it takes and the costs incurred for a government's response to a Freedom of Information Act request.


anilchawla 500 days ago | link

I appreciate it, and you are exactly right. Most governments take anywhere between two to 10 days to even acknowledge a FOIA request. If they are doing anything about social media, then they have to scour through folders of screenshots to find the "record".


There is a service that warns merchants of fraud-likely customers. Precharge. I was surprised to not see it anywhere on HN to date.

You can learn more at http://precharge.com/guaranteed_chargeback_protection/

Essentially you pay Precharge to qualify the customer and if it passes their fraud checks, they will reimburse or fight the chargeback.

They might be maintaining their own repository of problem customers here: http://www.chargebackfile.com/

Hope this is helpful to anyone considering mitigating chargeback risk.


This is fantastic - I just sent a prospect a proposal to execute. I had thought about EchoSign but I just didn't want to deal with what looked to be an enterprise-y solution. I just emailed HelloSign support asking if it was possible to copy and paste a link to a document that needs signing so that I can paste that link into my Basecamp messages to my prospects. For now I prepare my Basecamp message and prepare the document for signature and ensure I post the BC message a few seconds ahead of sending the proposal via HelloSign.


joelandren 626 days ago | link

Hi, we actually have a reusable link feature, so if you have an NDA or onboarding docs that you need on a regular basis, you can upload the file and share the link.

Could be used on a one-time basis as well. Check the "reusable docs" tab on the left hand nav.


Bootstrap in production, especially in early versions of a user facing web app, makes perfect sense. It lets those of us who are great at writing back end try to go to market with a pretty good looking front end.

Very few users will know or care about what CSS framework or guidelines we use. They care about the value that our application provides for them. They just need an easy to use, easy to navigate way to get to what they want that we're offering. If you can afford to bring on a designer to put your own stamp on your application from day one, great. However for many of us, we want to get to a working prototype and then see if we're headed in the right direction before investing in providing a personality to our app.


corkill 803 days ago | link

100% bootstrap (any framework) is a great way to get stuff out there faster and get feedback. Customize stuff down the line f you even make it that far, focus on the most important stuff first.


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