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It doesn't.

They wrote a raycasting engine in 9800 lines of assembly, running on a Pi, using Doom's textures. Is it Doom? No, but it's pretty darn impressive. Avoid gratuitous negativity.

Which is why they should have advertised something like that. This is related to Doom only in that the music and textures are the same. I'll forgive a little negativity if it comes from someone correcting a dishonestly titled article/submission.

I doubt the music was played by the device, most probably it was dubbed in post processing.

'avoid gratuitous negativity' is a thought we all need to keep in mind more.

It's actually a rule of the site,


I think it should be a rule for real-life. I've found the less negative my thoughts, the better my general outlook on life.

What is gratuitous about what I said?

Just because it wasn't Doom doesn't mean it's without merit. This is a first year University project, written in small amount of assembly, with no supporting OS.

I never questioned that

You implied it was a trivial achievement. Perhaps that wasn't your intention, perhaps you had intended to encourage, but if that's the case it wasn't obvious.

it's not raycasting though

Right, it does not seem to be a raycasting algorithm, and the author mentions of it in the youtube comments that it's a "rasterization" meaning perspective projection of textured polygons.

Actually I'm the author, so yeah, that's right

I'm sure his opponent knew.

Ha, just finished reading this about delivery startups: https://medium.com/@alexschiff/dear-food-delivery-startup-dc...

Yeah. San Bernadino has peaks up to 11,500 ft, so I'm guessing that's the case. 11,500 above the ground is crazy high for a hobby drone.

Kudos. Just noting that one of libgit2's primary strengths is 100% cross-platform portability. Is this different from your cross-compilation goal? I'm not familiar with Go.

Yes because Go generates static binaries and requires no toolchain. Once you link a C library, you loose these benefits and cross-compiling returns to the "normal" difficulty. In addition to that, Go code may be buggy but it's safe, while linking a C library means dropping this guarantee.

So in the Go ecosystem it is actually preferred to use pure Go libraries not to loose these benefits.

I've used the Startup Framework Generator[1] for building this style of website. Highly recommended.

[1] http://designmodo.com/generator/


Oh wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing!


That, and the not invented here syndrome.


I'm not sure there's much to invent - unless the syndrome also covers basic things like human conversation.


Not sure where I saw this, but love this image likening the two, captioned "A New Start": http://i.imgur.com/QDMncbP.png

Ah, here's the source: https://twitter.com/lukew/status/594628479766761472



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