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30% from mailing lists where I was already an active member. 30% direct referrals from people I knew in field. 30% referrals from when I would find people not interested in product, and ask them if they knew anyone who was interested. 10% media coverage of product.

Super labor intensive.


esdailycom 65 days ago | link

How did you get referrals from a mailing list you were a subscriber to? Could you elaborate?


Thanks for the feedback. Would love to hear about better embedded options. As far as we can tell, they almost all have drawbacks.


gumby 92 days ago | link

> Would love to hear about better embedded options

How about just posting an image of the first page with an href to the raw pdf? I could then simply read the pdf in my browser. The embedding adds nothing.


$20/one time to file 5 requests. $40/month for 20 requests plus additional features. Full info here:


Slowly working on our registration flow, which is admittedly somewhat confusing now.


larrys 92 days ago | link


You should place a link at the top which clearly says "pricing". And putting that link in the faq and all the other obvious places.

Another thing I would suggest (and I can help with this actually) is a different name for the actual requests. I suspect that some people in government might take this more seriously (not that they aren't) if the requests came from a different (more serious) entity name. I can't back this up with anything other than being in business for a long time and knowing human nature and from my own experience.

When I saw the first think you did I though it was some kind of comedy or non serious organization trying to just stir up trouble. Even if only 10% of the recipients feel the same way as I do that's an issue.


I've become a surprised addict of HabitRPG, a "gamified" To-Do system that does a great job handling one off tasks, daily/weekly things, habits you want to nudge yourself to do more regularly, and everything else I needed from a solid GTD app but couldn't find.

It also has a great API, free mobile apps, is open source, easy to export data via CSV or JSON, and has an amazing community behind it. The only thing it really lacks for me, right now, is a way to track larger projects, but I've started keeping those together in a weekly review doc that is separate. Highly recommended.



I switched to Fastmail about 6 months ago. There were a lot of things about GMail I missed for first two months, but now it's settled into my workflow and I love it, particularly given all the GMail overhauls lately.


morisy 210 days ago | link | parent | on: FBI vexsome filer list

In case anyone is interested, a user has an open request out for an updated copy of this list:


Or register yourself and see what you can dig up ;)



I filed a FOIA request, as the author suggested:


Given that involves a lot of personal information, I also asked for more general information sans personal details:


I'd be surprised if either are fulfilled with any actual information.


"FOIAMachine approaches the problem from a different angle."

FOIA Machine has been telling me this since 2011, and yet you continue to copy what we deploy, feature by feature. Seriously. I'd love to work together, and I already offered to open source our source code for you, but that's not an offer that has ever been taken up.

I'm always available to talk: Michael@MuckRock.com.


Hi derefr!

That's exactly how we operate, and we're working more on the "analysis" end of things now (https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2013/jun/25/booz-alle...). Would love suggestions on how we can do it better.


MuckRock co-founder here, hoping to clarify a few things.

* Over 80% of MuckRock's requests were filed with no charge to the user.

* MuckRock has supported filing mass-requests for a while now.

* MuckRock does offer a database including every single state law, example requests to use and modify, thousands of government agencies, and the ability for users to contribute to this growing database.

We also have a tool people can use, today, to file and share requests, with over 5,000 requests filed and almost 1,000 users.

Please explore!

Requests around America: https://www.muckrock.com/place/

News we've broken: https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/

StackOverflow for FOIA: https://www.muckrock.com/questions/


toomuchtodo 279 days ago | link

Just FYI, I've used and love Muckrock. Just putting my bromance out in public. Thanks for creating it.


morisy 279 days ago | link

Thanks! It's very much appreciated.



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