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mikeknoop 11 days ago | link | parent | on: Yo Channel

Curious what your looking to rig up, any reason Zapier doesn't fit the bill for you?


Raw video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m8H8OlJ3o8

Recovered video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjZ33C9JZTM


codezero 16 days ago | link

Wow, looking at the original, that recovery is pretty amazing!


They were successfully brute forced in 2009: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_signing_key...


Always makes my day to see people still carrying the TI-hacking torch! :)

Any particular goals you want to achieve with this project?


Sir_Cmpwn 27 days ago | link

I just want to see a nice Unix-like for these calcs. Eventually it'd be cool to have a bunch of slick stuff like a VFS and such, but for now I'll be happy once there's good math support and students can start using it.


userbinator 27 days ago | link

TI-73: 6MHz Z80, 25K RAM, 512K mass storage PDP-11: ~4.5MHz, 16K RAM, >1M mass storage

CPU looks powerful enough and the amount of RAM is comparable to early Unix machines but you might run into storage space limitations.


The interesting thing to me is how quickly you transition from Sales oriented -> Marketing oriented if things are going well. Early product/market fit can act as a bit of a guide for when to do the transition.


mrkurt 39 days ago | link

Yes. And how painful it is if you wait too long to transition.


mikeknoop 41 days ago | link | parent | on: Parrot Bebop

The big innovation here over comparable camera-stablizied GPS-locked drones (eg. DJI Phantom II) is that there is no mechanical gimble which significantly reduces weight and battery consumption of the Bebop.


dirktheman 41 days ago | link

It's a great innovation, but I still prefer my mechanical gimbal. It offers a lot wider angles and I won't have to crop my footage. When I don't need it I'll just leave off, the reduced weight makes the drone ripping through the skies like a ferrari.


bambax 41 days ago | link

But a mechanical gimbal is awesome; it can rotate to a horizontal position, so you can get satellite-like views, or simply look at the top of something; with a fixed front camera you will never be able to get those kinds of shots.


andygates 40 days ago | link

It must be said, some of the best shots I get are straight down. If in doubt, velcro more cameras to the thing. MOAR!


You'd be surprised. I've been on the receiving end of one of these bounties and nearly everyone fulfilled their pledge.

On top of that, donations trickled in for months after from folks who didn't originally pledge.

The XDA community is very good about these things.



voltagex_ 48 days ago | link

Just occasionally the XDA community really impresses me. I don't know how people deal with the SnR though.


Kiro 47 days ago | link



fivedogit 47 days ago | link

I believe he means signal-to-noise ratio.


Big shoutout to Travis @ FullContact for making this happen. Lots of work over the past few months.

I love the use case "When I scan a business card, automatically invite them on LinkedIn to connect". Then I can toss the card guilty free.


FullContact's mobile apps are using Zapier to connect to most of the apps listed on this page.


(Jumping in for Bryan; also @Zapier)

We installed statsd/graphite early on to experiment around with visualizing our task and request logs for Zaps. We've since settled into Elasticsearch and Graylog which is phenomenal for debugging and support -- but has it's growing pains.

The timeseries stuff is used more at the application layer, rather than the pure logging layer. For example, I believe we're using it to track how many tasks an account has done over the last 30 days for pricing/plans.



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