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Softcover [1] covers many of the same bases as well. Actually supporting all of LaTeX's features in HTML is basically impossible, though, so no matter which tool you use it's best to go in with tempered expectations.

[1]: http://www.softcover.io/

One thing I like to do is "ratchet down" by saying, "OK, what's the most amount of time I can handle on the task I'm putting off." Sometimes it's as little as 5 minutes. So I set a timer for 5 minutes, do that much work, and then take a break to do something fun. By stacking enough tiny slices together, eventually I get back in the groove, and in the mean time it's amazing how much you can get done even in 5-minute increments.

Speaking of which, I have some writing to do… See you in 5.

Slightly off-topic, but a couple of years ago I had an epiphany regarding Yelp's name. My conversation with a tech-savvy friend went something like this:

me: I realized that "Yelp" is like the "Yellow Pages".

friend: No duh.

me: No, the name "Yelp" is like "YELlo Pages". It's basically a portmanteau. [1]

friend: mind = blown

[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portmanteau

Such stories of ecologically friendly pest control are hard to resist, but unfortunately the history of introducing species A to control species B is littered with cautionary tales.

You want ants? Because this is how you get ants.

But what if Notch is his fucking khakis?

Interesting to hear that eight YC companies are worth over $1b. I count Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and Twitch for sure, and probably Weebly makes five. Any thoughts on what the others are?

Zenefits and Instacart for sure. Machine Zone is likely as well.

no inside info but i bet memsql is a lurker in that club.

+probably coinbase

Depending how much they bought in when they started, they could have a huge gain just from the increase in BTC.

Uber is only losing money right now because it's in a land-grab situation [1]. Barring some cataclysm, someday Uber will be insanely profitable. Their investors understand this, and their valuation reflects it.

[1]: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2010/02/14.html

> Barring some cataclysm, someday Uber will be insanely profitable.

As long as their funding holds on long enough for the to possibly develop self-driving cars before Google or Tesla, and if transportation laws change in their favor.

Good luck disrupting when the roads vital to your survival aren't owned by you.

How can you grab land, when it takes very little effort for drivers and consumers to go to an alternative...

Just like Amazon. Right?

Softcover handles Markdown + embedded LaTeX on your local machine (no 'net connection required) using a standard text editor and web browser:


I use Softcover to write and maintain both the code-heavy Ruby on Rails Tutorial (http://railstutorial.org/book) and the math-heavy Tau Manifesto (http://tauday.com/tau-manifesto). (Disclosure: I'm also the principal author of Softcover.)


I just watched your video and I think your tool is exactly what I'm looking for! Downloading it now.

In the meantime, I was wondering if you ever compose on your iPad? What is your workflow for that?


Using Softcover requires a standard shell & text editor, which I doubt is available on iPad. But it works great as a de facto second monitor, as described [here](http://manual.softcover.io/book/getting_started#sec-html_sof...).


Oh well, I was hoping I'd missed something. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing now -- write it in Evernote and then copy/paste when I get back to a computer.


I've found Simplenote on the iPad and Notational Velocity or nvALT on a Mac to be a really lightweight and quick workflow. Plus, there's the added benefit of it all being plain text, whereas Evernote always seems to make guesses about unwanted formatting for me.


Here's an iPad app that does Markdown + LaTeX: http://eqeditor.com/writer/ and then outputs HTML, ePub, etc. Not sure if it's exactly what you need but there you go.


Is the HTML generation with backlinks from an external lib or custom built for softcover? I'm working on a CMS and this would be fantastic to use as a module for writing articles.


Not sure exactly what you mean by "backlinks", but most of the software is custom-built.


ah. backlink = back references, Figure 1.1 and link to the Figure 1.1 :)

What your license for the project? If we wanted to use it, we'd porting it to Go and JS with our own stylized CSS.


Cross-references are all custom. License is MIT. [1] Porting would likely be a huge PITA.

[1]: http://github.com/softcover/softcover


That's seriously cool.

Had I had something like that some years ago, my workflow for both my BSc and my MSc thesis would have been quite different.


This was awesome, but I was disappointed to read that he didn't cash in the New York Fashion Week prize. Sure, it would have cost him some $$$, but what a story! I bet it'd have been worth paying a small premium for the adventure.



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