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What about tracking everything you type for a month to see which letters you use the most as well as their frequency and then generating a keyboard layout that will actually work for you?

These keyboard layout wars seem just too subjective to me.


This reminded me of the future of the television in the Idiocracy.



Looks like YouTube.


For some reason, I always thought it was matter of time that Bitcoin would be declared illegal. People say different things regarding its legality so I will continue to stay away from it, at least for now.

Though, I think Automattic wouldn't accept it as a form of payment if there was such a possibility.

Is there anyone who can enlighten me about the legality of Bitcoin?


With no central authority standing behind it's value, right now you are engaging in barter. What is the legality of barter in your jurisdiction?


Bitcoin is an unregulated financial asset, similar to gold. The fact that it exists in digital form makes the whole situation much more complicated.


bitcoin is just ledger entries that can be retitled by cryptographic signature. its protected free speech.


I'm aware of the fact that this makes attackers' jobs easier. However, many websites (including Codecademy) tells you whether the email address you provided is registered or not, when you visit the Forgot Password page. If you are displaying a message such as: "If the email address you provided is registered, you will receive an email shortly." then I can actually believe that your main concern is security and that's what prevented you from displaying a clearer error message.

Just added this at the end of the post for clarification.


I knew someone would say this :)

This is not an excuse for most of the sites (including Codecademy) because when you follow the "Forgot password" link and type in an email address, they instantly tell you whether that email address exists or not.

If you are displaying a message such as: "If the email address you provided is registered, you will receive an email shortly." then fine :)


Very good point. This should be mentioned on the blog post too, and maybe brought to the attention of the site owners. It definitely makes a stronger case for either:

* avoiding giving away this piece of information on the forgot password screen


* telling the user whether it's their password or username that is wrong.

You might want to take a look at this security stackexchange question http://security.stackexchange.com/q/13079/7306

update: I noticed this was in fact mentioned on / added to the blog post.


As I mentioned in the text, I think they were the best in terms of usefulness.

Though you are right about the hindsight bias, there is no way to tell. Maybe, just like many human beings, I tend to glorify things I lost.


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