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Without trying your app (not available to US users) or knowing if it's a freemium or ad model, I can't really provide too much insight.

KISS and Mixpanel are nice, but there's little to no point in using them if you don't have your KPIs prioritized, and they may be overkill. I've found it just as effective to track growth via Google Analytics and a series of SQL queries, in conjunction with a dashboarding service like chart.io. I also used Flurry for a while, but it frustrated me quite a bit (Mixpanel offers a lot of the same features, btw). And if your app is HTML5, GA event-tracking is just as effective.

Since mobile is the primary interface, month-over-month growth rate is your live-or-die 'macro' metric, calculated as simply ('users_at_end_of_last_month' - 'users_at_end_of_prior_month') / 'users_at_end_of_last_month'. As of Apr 10, users_at_end_of_last_month would be Mar 31 and prior_month would be Feb 28. Many contextualize this metric as 'churn,' for which there are numerous calculations. Shopify gives a good example. [1]

Of course, it's way more complicated than this. And other KPIs include iTMS downloads/ratings/reviews, average time-to-subscribe, average time per session, number of events per session, DAU/WAU/MAU, e-mail conversion (assuming you manage lists/campaigns), etc.

There was also a pretty good overview of how to set up cohort analysis via SQL queries on HN today [2]. Here's where you may want to start using Mixpanel, but only if you're running targeted campaigns.

Most importantly, read up on Andrew Chen's blog, starting with this post [3]. This series by the Rapportive CEO [4] is also a good model.

Hope this helps.

[1] http://www.shopify.com/technology/4018382-defining-churn-rat...

[2] http://blog.getmetrica.com/post/44824108745/calculating-roll...

[3] http://andrewchen.co/2009/01/19/how-to-create-a-profitable-f...

[4] http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20121002124206-18...

EDIT: URL formatting


kevbam 456 days ago | link

Thank you very much for this, very helpful. I will get reading.


dhh recently posted about this very issue. Made me feel a bit more confident in being more expressive with variables.



Absofuckinglutely this. These 'hacks' annoy IT directors and allow self-described Deliverators to congratulate themselves amongst their script-kiddie nmap brethren in some private IRC. Then there's the more altruistic 'hacking' which uncovers truths obfuscated by those who've wronged in the interests of greed and cronyism.

This prank is immature, ineffective and honestly a waste of taxpayer money - additional personnel will be hired and major unnecessary purchases will be made of consulting services and software and equipment which we'll likely have to foot the bill for.

You're doing nothing to protect our civil liberties or expose the misdeeds of the corrupt and complacent. Try again.


For those with vanity URLs and GMail - the trick I use to manage unsubscribes better is to enable 'catch-all address' and registering for new accounts by their URL and TLD, e.g. news_ycombinator_com@URL.com, or kennethcole_com@URL.com, etc.

Two benefits - 1) easier to remember my login per site and 2) if I start getting spammed as a result of my info being shared with third-parties, I can attribute the original offender to the e-mail address.


fanf2 669 days ago | link

Also a good way to get vast amounts of dictionary attack spam. One of the mail domains I host was accepting mail to all addresses for some years, and this seems to have attracted even more spam: the volume of junk it gets is disproportionately huge compared to the other similar domains.

My mail server allows -- as an alternative to + so my users can work around braindead address regexes.


Elhana 669 days ago | link

You also get few hundred "new viagra price" in your spam folder sent to HjvhBYgVqJ@your.domain. You'll never find kennethcole_com@your.domain in that mess. Even worse is that you get bounced spam emails sent to some@guy.com with from header sent to HjvhBYgVqJ@your.domain and spam filter doesn't see them as spam.


jamie_ca 669 days ago | link

Also, assuming the site isn't brain-dead and invalidating the address, you can use email+site@gmail.com with any gmail or google apps address.

That + is frequently a cause of contention though, so I use a . (which was done via config when I ran my own mail server days gone by) and also have a catchall on google apps.


jeltz 669 days ago | link

If I were selling my database to spammers I would process my entire list to remove everything between the plus and the at sign.


I thought the backdrop looked familiar. The first and third photos were taken next to the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna (located across the rail depot), where I stayed when I was in Helsinki in late June, at the time of the summer solstice (20+ hours of light). I'm no photography expert like anovikov, but I can attest that the street lighting was nowhere near as bright as depicted in these photos, even at 2am when it was darkest (dark = same brightness in the sky as first photo).

Now it's perfectly normal to slightly alter promotional collateral as long as there's some YMMV caveat. But with such a flagrant abuse of consumer trust as presented here, it calls into question just how desperate Nokia is that they need to misrepresent a core feature of their savior product.


sesqu 672 days ago | link

The lighting was artificial[1]. I don't mind that part as much though, it's the professional camera that's more disingenuous.

[1] https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/578446_101510870...


001sky 672 days ago | link

Files from a larger chip go into print collateral alot better... This is pretty much to be expected. File would be PS'd as well, that's one of the reasons they do this, as the colour-space transitions to CMYK etc can be damaging. They do need to have better disclosure though. Starburst is telltale DSLR.


Sure - me. Both my iOS devices are on this list - confirmed both by name and UDID match.

However, I renamed my iPad around last November after I started using it more in public, yet its original name (easy to find if you search for my HN nick) is the name listed.

EDIT: Oh, and fwiw, law-abiding natural born US citizen here. But who am I kidding - LEAs don't give a toss about that.


CGamesPlay 674 days ago | link

Does it have an APNS token? Is it possible to send yourself a push notification and see what app it appears to come from?


bricestacey 674 days ago | link

You need an appropriate cert for that.


eli 674 days ago | link

...assuming this has any connection to LEA


farnsworth 674 days ago | link

It would be interesting if you and others with their device on the list could come up with a list of apps that you've had installed.


lylejohnson 674 days ago | link

How does that prove that an FBI laptop was the source of this information (per the grandparent post's question)?


AimHere 674 days ago | link

Your grandparent asked two questions. He answered the other one.


IMHO, MSFT's made somewhat strong progress on its integration of Skype (so far), promoting it as a strong value-add for the forthcoming XBox Live and WP8.

Yammer's a much-needed HR/quick collab tool for MSFT's appeal to CIOs, and I'm guessing it'll likely come to fruition as an integrated feature in Office 2018, and a beta feature in Office Live sooner than that. It's a good fit - much better than Salesforce buying them out to stifle MSFT/GOOG.


Don't know if this adds anything, but both my old password (created eight years ago) and current password (changed six months ago) were on the list. Both were very unique - 20 characters mixed.

Need to get better at changing my PWs every three months. It's really not that hard, just a matter of discipline.


nilsbunger 764 days ago | link

My old password was in the list, but not my newer password. I changed it about 2 years ago I think.


First off, great concept. Always wanted to see a better version of http://www.world-newspapers.com to get a local perspective on international events.

However, I'm noticing some errors in matching sites to locales, e.g. US > CA > Fillmore (San Francisco Downtown) maps to the San Luis Obispo times.

Also, might want to consider tweaking the name to avoid confusion with the popular NewsMap [http://www.newsmap.jp].


mhlakhani 765 days ago | link

That was my intention, as far as the concept went. I'll look into the data issue as well, it was extracted from various places.


Love the idea, and I just applied. But dismayed to read point #2, especially as I ticked 'no' for the last question.

Does this mean that I won't be considered as a likely candidate if I'm just an entrepreneur, or someone who really wants to put these newfound skills to use but doesn't yet know how? If that's the case, some additional details as to admission criteria would be welcome in the FAQ.


ruggeri 770 days ago | link

We definitely want a mix of people to get the class balance right. Without entrepreneurial folks the group would lack spark.


gordonbowman 770 days ago | link

Hi Ned - would you all consider offering a free scholarship for the Fall course as well? I think for those who are already employed, the July 23rd start date is a very quick turnaround to quit or take a leave of absence. It would be much better to have more time to prepare.



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